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標題: 與第二型蛋白分泌機器 ATPase 具專一性結合作用之膜蛋白 GspL 中之專一性決定因子
Specificity Determinants in GspL, An Interactive Membrane Protein Partner of the T2SS Atpase
作者: 胡念台
關鍵字: 生物科學類;基礎研究;protein secretion;蛋白分泌;蛋白與蛋白間相互作用;交聯反應;質譜分析;protein-protein interaction;crosslinking;mass spectroscopy

In this project, we propose to study the happy family—the sporadic groups that is involved inthe Monster-- using the theory of vertex operator algebras. We plan to address the followingquestions.(a) Try to understand Glauberman-Norton-McKay theory [1, 8], which asserted that thecentralizer of two 2A involutions and one 2B involution of the Monster using VOAtheory always contains an “half” of a Weyl group as a factor.(b) Construct rational VOAs whose full automorphism group is sporadic.(c) Extend Miyamoto's theory on Ising vectors and 2A involutions of the Monster group toother sporadic groups and VOAs associated to them.(d) Try to obtain some new result about the groups in the happy family. In particular, wewant to construct a natural model for other sporadic groups similar to that of the Monsterand try to understand the nature or the sources of such groups.
其他識別: NSC97-2311-B005-005-MY3
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