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標題: 農作物疫病及晚疫病之生物防治
Biological Control of Phytophthora Blights of Agricultural Crops
作者: 柯文雄, 曾德賜
關鍵字: 應用研究;Streptomyces;植物保護類;放線菌;生物防治;疫病;晚疫病;Biological Control;Leaf Bilght;Late Leaf Blight
去年度的工作中以青椒疫病為對象,篩選出優良防病菌株Streptomyces TKA-5,它是一種新的生物防治微生物,也是一新種放線菌,其液態培養液噴到葉面後,經過28天還能使發病率降至10%。此培養液噴施到芥菜葉片,亦能防治由Alternaria brassicicola所引起的黑斑病。今年度之計畫目標為(一)研究Streptomyces TKA-5之防病機制及防病特性,(二)衍生應用於番茄晚疫病之防治,(三)鑑定防病物質之特性與分子結構。工作項目包含:(一)發酵液對病原菌的影響,及噴施發酵液後人工接種,分析發酵液對寄主產生保護作用或誘導其產生抗病反應;(二)測試微生物發酵液對蕃茄晚疫病菌游走孢囊發芽的抑制效果,並於田間噴施微生物發酵液,以人工接種測試防治蕃茄晚疫病的效果;(三)以活性炭、陰離子或陽離子交換樹脂進行吸附,或透過不同分子篩之透析膜分析防病物質之特性,透過層析、HPLC及NMR等純化分離及與鑑定防病物質之分子結構。預期效益為釐清優良防病菌株Streptomyces TKA-5之防病機制及特性,同時能應用於田間番茄晚疫病之防治,並鑑定出防病物質之特性與分子結構,提供爾後田間防治之參考;同時將研究成果撰寫為國際SCI期刊論文格式發表,防病菌株Streptomyces TKA-5亦可申請發明專利。

Last year, biological control research targeted on Phytophthora blight of bell pepper caused by Phytophthora capsici. Liquid culture of Streptomyces strain TKA-5, a previously undescribed species obtained in this study, displayed several desirable disease control characteristics in nature. The disease suppression substance from the culture remained active on leaves for 28 days, and it was also effective in controlling black leaf spot of spoon cabbage caused by Alternaria brassicicolca. The objectives of this year's project are (1) to determine the disease control mechanism and the the nature of disease control by culture of Streptomyces TKA-5, (2) to use the culture of TKA-5 to control late blight of tomato, and (3) to determine the characteristics of disease control substance and its molecular structure. Work items include: (1) testing the effect of TKA-5 culture on the pathogen and on host resistance, (2) testing the TKA-5 culture on sporangial germination of Phytophthora infestans and testing its ability to control late blight of tomato in field, and (3) testing the TKA-5 culture with activated carbon, cation and anion exchange resins to determine if the inhibitor contains charges, performing dialysis to estimate the molecular weight of the inhibitor, and using HPLC and NMR to purify and determine the molecular structure of the inhibitor. Expected results include: revealing the disease control mechanism and nature of TKA-5 culture, controlling late blight of tomato in the field, and understanding the characteristics and molecular structure of the inhibitor. Results will be published in SCI journal and Strptomyces TKA-5 will be applied for patent.
其他識別: 98農科-9.2.4-檢-B5(1)
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