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標題: 農藥販賣店普查及農民用藥調查
A Survey of the Geographic Distribution of Pesticides Stores and Pesticides Use by Farmers
作者: 黃姿碧, 曾德賜
關鍵字: 應用研究;農業環境保護, 農業化學類, 自然生態保育;Global Positioning System (GPS);全球定位系統;農藥販賣業者;農藥使用;地理分布;調查;Agro-Pesticides Dealer;Pesticide Use;Geographic Distribution;Survey
農藥販賣店為農民取得農業藥劑之第一手來源,亦是農民獲得病蟲害診斷及農藥處方資訊主要依據對象之一,因此販賣業者在推動農藥合理化使用扮演舉足輕重之角色。自民國61年我國「農藥管理法」奉總統令公佈實施,迄今經6次修訂,其中即規定農藥販賣業者,應置專任管理人員,並應向當地直轄市或縣(市)主管機關申請核發農藥販賣業執照後,始得營業。目前適逢行政院農委會動植物防疫檢疫局進行農藥販賣業者之營業執照換發,為確認相關業者所提之資料,遂需進行農藥販賣店普查。根據衛生署食品衛生處食品資訊網資料,針對市售農產品農藥殘留抽驗結果顯示,大部分被檢出不合格之一主因為「使用未登記藥劑」。為降低農藥違規使用情事發生,掌握發生潛在因子,極有必要進行農民用藥調查。本研究擬聘用約僱人員針對業者基本資料進行複查,並利用全球定位系統(Global Positioning System,簡稱GPS)進行農藥販賣店之定位,建立其地理分佈資訊。另擬以問卷方式進行農民用藥調查,以檢視不同地區農民用藥狀況及是否落實農產品生產安全用藥作業。執行此計畫所獲農藥販賣店普查及農民用藥調查資訊,將可提供施政當局進行農藥管理業務之參考,俾利解決農民用藥問題,並減少「使用未登記藥劑」及「超量使用」等違規案件發生。

Farmers majorly obtain pesticides from pesticides stores nearby their farms. Commonly, their sources of information for diagnosis of diseases and choosing pesticides are from recommendation of pesticides dealers. Thus, pesticides dealers play a significant role in promoting rationale use of pesticides."Agro-Pesticides Management Act" is adopted and promulgated by ministerial order on 6 January 1972 and is under six times of revisions. In Article 26, it is stated that an agro-pesticide dealer shall designate full-time managers and before proceeding to do business, first apply to the local municipality or county/city competent authority for issuing an agro-pesticide dealer's license. Currently, it's time for the renewal of agro-pesticide dealer's license. Verification of the information provide by the dealer is important for the governed agency in the certification process of the license renewals. According to the data of the analysis of pesticides residue on agricultural products announced by the Department of Health, the pesticides found over pesticide residue limits in food are usually not recommendation pesticides. Here, the information of agro-pesticides dealers will be reconfirmed by on-site evaluation and the geographic location of pesticides stores will be determined by global positioning system. In addition, pesticides use will be examined by means of a farmers' survey in five counties. Information gained in this project will provide the agency with insights in pesticides regulation and farmers with information of proper pesticides use. In turns, cases of improper and illeagal uses of pesticides will be prevented.
其他識別: 98農科-9.2.2-檢-B4
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