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標題: 廚餘製成堆肥品質之增進策略及其最佳管理策略之建立
Strategies of the Quality Improvement and Development of the Best Management Practice for Composted Food Waste
作者: 陳仁炫
關鍵字: 農業化學類;應用研究
台灣每天產生的廚餘量(含果菜)約近達6,000公噸,廚餘是所有的有機廢棄物中最不易處理的一種,尤其是台灣的廚餘含高量的油脂和水分。堆肥化是廚餘再生利用的主要方式,唯目前仍存在諸多問題而有待解決。本研究之目的在於評估增進廚餘堆肥品質的策略和建立其最佳管理策略。本研究之主要工作,包括: (1) 評估及比較三類廚餘製成堆肥之成分特性及其品質之差異。 (2) 偵測此三類堆肥施於土壤後的養分釋出特性和其經時變化。 (3) 利用微生物之分析瞭解不同堆肥法的缺點,並開發有效的廚餘分解菌,以供高效廚餘處理產業化之應用。 (4) 利用土壤物理、化學及生物性質來進行廚餘堆肥施用對土壤品質之影響與評估,以期能作為合理改善之參考。 (5) 廚餘蒐集後,進行厭氣醱酵以及去水與否之處理,評估其對堆肥化之影響,以及不同處理產製之廚餘堆肥的品質及長期連續使用對土壤性質及蔬菜作物生育之影響。藉由試驗結果可作為改善廚餘堆肥製程和品質的依據。

The average daily food wastes (including vegetables and fruits wastes) generated in Taiwan region is nearly 6,000 tons. Food wastes essentially contains water, grease and other food residues. Water content ranges between 80-90%. Treatment and processing of food wastes is a very difficult problem to deal with, particularly because of the higher amount of grease and water content in these wastes, however, Some problems still exist and need to be solved. The purposes of this study is to evaluate the strategies of quality improvement and to develop the best management practice for composted food waste. The main study items including (1) Evaluate and compare the component characteristic of three kinds of composted food wastes. (2) Monitor the nutrient release characteristics with time of three kinds composted food wastes. (3) To investigate the quality of various food waste composts and to developed a product of microbes for decomposing food waste in the high performance fermentation application. (4) Assess soil quality as soil physical, chemical and biological properties after applying food waste compost, and expect that can be a reference of reasonable improvement. (5) Study the quality of kitchen waste compost with anaerobic fermentation or de-liquid and investigate the effects of it long term application on vegetable production. Provide informations on improving composting process and quality of composted food wastes.
其他識別: 95農科-1.3.3-糧-Z1(1)
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