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標題: 溶磷微生物肥料之量產及產品品質規格化
Mass Production and Quality Standardization of P-Solubilizing Microorganisms
作者: 楊秋忠
關鍵字: 農業化學類;商品化

It is known that too much fertilization was used in farms of Taiwan. P solubliziry bacteria inoculants were well developed in our lab for increasing the growth of crops, and to decrease chemical fertilization, soil decline, and environmental pollution, as well as to increase crop productivity and quality. This project is cooperated with a biotech company to develop and for the extension of P solubiliziry microfertilizer. This result will be beneficial to the soil and agricultural production.
其他識別: 95農科-6.1.4-糧-Z2
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