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標題: Integrated Pest Management for Important Plants
作者: 鍾文鑫, 曾國欽,黃榮南,王一雄,王順成,黃振文,許如君,陳昭瑩,張萃媖石正人,郭美華,黃姿碧,曾顯雄,郭章信,蔡東纂,陳裕文
關鍵字: 病蟲害管理;Pest Management;植物保護類;整合;觀摩會;技術發展;Integrate;The Observing
Taiwan locate in sub-tropical area, and climate is high temperature and humidity. Therefore, pests and diseases often cause farmers' ecomonic losses. Thus, developing an effective integrated pest management approach is an important issue. The objective of this project is integration of different expertise in the plant pathologist and entomologist to participate in an important disease management of pests and diseases in Taiwan. The works is including the survying of important crop pests and diseases in field, identification of main pathogenic microorganisms and harmful insects, screening and application of beneficial microorganismsf, screening and application of benificial plant extracts, monitor of resistant pathogens and insects in field, investigating the pathogenic genes. This project will also be regular seting up training program for farmers, and the observing will be integrated the management of plant diseases and insect pests by the goverment and the local governments.

其他識別: 98農科-9.2.4-檢-B7
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