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標題: 開發瓜類重要土壤傳播性病害之防治技術
Development of Controlling Techniques on Important Soil Borne Diseases of Cucurbitausous
作者: 林益昇, 蘇俊峰
關鍵字: 應用研究;Monosporascus cannonballus;植物保護類, 生物技術;洋香瓜黑點根腐病菌;子囊孢子;無病原性尖鐮胞菌;專一性引子對;生物防治;Ascospore;nonpathogenic Fusarium oxysporum;Specific Primers;(Biological Control
a.洋香瓜黑點根腐病菌(Monosporascus cannonballus)之接種源臨界濃度: In recently, the disease of root rot/vine decline of muskmelon had seriously damage in muskmelon production in Taiwan. Our previous studies focused on ecology of Monosporascus cannonballus and disease management by using tongue root inarching grafts. Using squash as rootstock, there was stable effectiveness in this disease management. Hence, the usable disease management standard operation procedure (SOP) of this disease in field will be studied.b.生物防治菌-無病原性尖鐮胞菌檢測技術之開發與應用: The specific primers which designed in this project will be employed in dectecting and screeing strains of nonpathogenic Fusarium oxysporum as a biological control agents. And the gene of fluorence protein will be transfered into the pathogen or nonpathogenic F. oxysporum to investigate the interaction and mechanism between them by using transgenic technique. To enhance the biological control activity of nonpathogenic F. oxysporum by using multiple strains, and control the disease of Fusarium wilt successfully in field.

1. 洋香瓜黑點根腐病菌(Monosporascus cannonballus)之接種源臨界濃度:近年來洋香瓜黑點根腐病嚴重危害台灣洋香瓜產業,本計畫先前已針對洋香瓜黑點根腐病菌的生態進行研究,並在多次田間試驗中得到以南瓜當根砧之舌狀根靠接株表現優良而穩定的防治成效。因此,擬進一步研發可直接應用於田間的洋香瓜黑點根腐病標準防治程序(Standard Operation Procedure, SOP)。 2. 生物防治菌-無病原性尖鐮胞菌檢測技術之開發與應用:本計畫將利用所發展的專一性引子對來大量篩選無病原性尖鐮胞菌,並配合螢光蛋白基因轉殖技術,來觀察病原菌與無病原性尖鐮胞菌於植株內部的相互關係,藉以徹底了解無病原性尖鐮胞菌之作用機制,盼能有效提升該菌之防治效率,並配合多種有效的無病原性尖鐮胞菌菌株,於田間成功防治萎凋病害。
其他識別: 98農科-9.2.1-檢-B2(1)
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