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標題: Development of Detection Platform and Field Survey for Domestic and Foreign Tospoviruses
作者: 葉錫東, 陳宗祺,黃莉欣
關鍵字: serogroup;生物技術, 植物保護類, 園藝;血清群;Tospovirus;plant virus detection;番茄斑萎病毒屬;植物病毒檢測;技術發展
Worldwide-occurring tospoviruses are transmitted by thrips in a persistent manner and cause severe damages in many economic crops. Taiwan, having tropical and subtropical climates, is suitable for thrips growth as a nursery of tospoviruses. Due to the frequently international trades of agricultural products, foreign viruses and their insect vectors can be easily imported into Taiwan. The threat of tospoviruses in Taiwan can not be ignored. Six tospovirus species have been reported in Taiwan so far. Especially, Watermelon silver mottle virus (WSMoV) and Melon yellow spot virus (MYSV) are the most important viruses causing serious damages on cucurbits. Capsicum chlorosis virus (CaCV) and Calla lily chlorotic spot virus (CCSV) affect the productions of ornamentals in Taiwan. Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) occurred epidemically in Taiwan was found firstly in 2009. In fact, new tospovirus species were discovered continuously in neighbor countries of Taiwan and European and American areas in recent years. To avoid the domestic agricultural industries from the damages of these foreign tospoviruses, the inspection and quarantine of viruses are of great urgency. Thus, antisera or antibodies for serological detection of all tospoviruses will be produced in this study. Moreover, the degenerate and species-specific primers will also be designed to establish a perfect platform for detection of tospoviruses. On the other hand, the field surveys for tospovirus diseases and the categories and population of thrips will also be performed. The efforts of this project are useful for understanding of the occurrence of domestic tospoviruses and thrips in Taiwan and preventing the import of foreign tospoviruses.

番茄斑萎病毒屬病毒(tospoviruses)分布遍及全球,由薊馬以永續性方式傳播而危害許多重要經濟作物,散佈快且防治不易。台灣氣候適合該類病毒及其媒介薊馬繁殖,加上與國際間之農產品貿易頻繁,病毒輸入容易,tospoviruses之威脅不容輕忽。目前國內已發現有六種tospoviruses,其中以西瓜銀斑病毒(Watermelon silver mottle virus,WSMoV)及甜瓜黃斑病毒(Melon yellow spot virus,MYSV)危害瓜類作物最為嚴重,番椒黃化病毒(Capsicum chlorosis virus,CaCV)和彩色海芋黃化斑點病毒(Calla lily chlorotic spot virus,CCSV)則影響花卉產業,而番茄斑點萎凋病毒(Tomato spotted wilt virus,TSWV)之流行性發生亦於98年度首見於台灣。近年來,台灣鄰近國家及歐美地區陸續有新病毒發現,為避免這些境外病毒危害本土農業,防檢疫工作刻不容緩。因此,本研究計畫以備齊目前所有tospoviruses之血清學檢測抗體為目標,配合核酸引子對之設計,建立全球最完善的tospoviruses檢測平台,並進行國內病害發生及田間薊馬族群、種類之調查,以確實掌握本土tospoviruses發生情形與預防境外病毒之輸入。
其他識別: 99農科-9.3.1-檢-B2(5)
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