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標題: Exploitation of Techniques for Detecting Harmful Organisms on Imported Wood and Wood Packaging Materials
作者: 陳啟予, 蕭文鳳,郭章信
關鍵字: ophiostomatoid fungi;長喙殼菌類真菌;植物保護類, 林業類;imported / exported wood packaging materials;wood quarantine;pests and plant pathogens;木質包裝材;木材檢疫;有害生物;技術發展
The aims of this project is to inspect detrimental fungi, particularly ophiostomatoid fungi, on wood which is from importation or from indigenous plants. Morphological characteristics and DNA sequences of these fungi can be established to provide the basis for their accurate and quick detection. Both methods of morphology identification and DNA sequence comparison will be applied. Specific approaches of isolation will be adopted to obtain specific groups of fungi. Specific primers are used to amplify specific DNA fragments for comparisons with DNA sequences deposited in GenBank. Based on the morphological and molecular data acquired, it can be expected that these potential pathogens can be warded off from our country. As to the imported / exported wood packaging materials, a standard sampling procedure of a fast screening process and a monitoring system will be set up for these materials. In this project, three tasks will be included, (i) literature survey of important pests and pathogens for wood (ii) establishing a standard procedures for inspecting and identifying of pests and plant pathogens and (iii) continuous monitoring important pests and pathogens information of imported / exported wood packaging materials, are proposed to accomplish our goal. The success of this project would help quarantine officers monitor and control important imported / exported wood packaging materials importing from wood packaging material.

其他識別: 99農科-9.4.1-檢-B1(4)
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