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標題: 台灣常見蝴蝶蘭病毒去病毒技術之研發
Development of the techniques for eliminating the Phalaenopsis viruses found in Taiwan
作者: 詹富智
關鍵字: virus-elimination techniques;去病毒技術;植物保護類;ribavirin;Phalaenopsis orchids;病毒唑;蝴蝶蘭;應用研究
蝴蝶蘭為台灣最重要的出口蘭花,本研究之目的為建立台灣常見蝴蝶蘭病毒的去病毒技術,策略以組培誘導新生擬原球體結合藥劑處理去病毒,在擬原球體增殖培養基中添加病毒抑制劑 ribavirin以重新再生無病毒苗株,測試不同濃度及條件,去病毒處理苗株將以ELISA、RT-PCR定期檢測病毒,持續篩選無病毒苗株及追蹤其生長及開花情形,本計畫之完成期能解決臺灣蝴蝶蘭生產所面臨之病毒感染問題並幫助建立可實際運用於產業界之健康種苗生產系統。

Phalaenopsis spp. are one of the most important exporting orchids in Taiwan. The main objectives of this proposal are to develop viruses elimination techniques of Phalaenopsis orchids. The strategy was combine tissue culture and chemotherapy by treating PLBs with virustatic agent ‘ribavirin' in PLBs propagation medium to regenerate virus-free plantlets. Different ribavirin concentrations and conditions were tested. ELISA and RT-PCR were used for confirm the efficiency of viruses elimination and observation of virus-free plantlets phenotype and flowering. Through these efforts, we hope the techniques developed in this project would provide a very efficient and useful system for establishing healthy Phalaenopsis orchids seeding production system and resolve the virus infection problem in Phalaenopsis orchids production.
其他識別: 100農科-1.1.1-檢-B1(2)
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