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標題: 應用能使作物產生抗病力的微生物防治疫病
Control of Phytophthora Diseases with Microorganisms Capable of Inducing Disease Resistance in Crops
作者: 柯文雄, 安寶貞,曾德賜
關鍵字: 技術發展;Soil microorganisms;植物保護類;土壤微生物;疫病;生物防治;誘導抗病力;Phytophthora;Biological;Induced resistance
前期計畫中,我們由土壤中分離到放線菌新菌Streptomyces TKA-5,其發酵液在溫室能有效降低由Phytophthora capsici 所引起的青椒疫病,但在田間使用時,雖可降低蕃茄晚疫病之發病率,效果如殺菌劑滅達樂,但不如可引發植物產生抗病力的亞磷酸。本計畫目標 (一) 研發方法篩選土壤中,能使青椒產生抗病力的微生物。從所得到有效微生物中,比較他們之間,促進青椒產生抗病能力的強弱,再從中選出最優良的微生物。(二) 研發從優良微生物的發酵液,萃取能促進青椒產生抗病力的物質的方法。用萃取所得到引發抗病物質,研究其防治青椒疫病的機制。(三) 研發引發抗病物質的物理及化學特性,並用以從事田間防治青椒疫病。研究成果將撰寫成論文,發表在國際SCI期刊,防病菌株亦可申請發明專利。

During the last project , we isolated from soil a new species Streptomyces TKA-5. Its liquid culture was able to reduce the disease incidence of Phytophthora blight of bell pepper caused by Phytophthoracapsici in the greenhouse. In the field trial, although the liquid culture was able to reduce the disease incidence of tomato late blight just like the fungicide metalaxyl, it was not as effective as resistanceinducing phosphorous acid. The objectives of the present project are: (i) to develop a method for screening soil microorganisms for ablilty to induce resistance in bell pepper against P. capsici, and to compare the degree of resistance inducing ability among the effective microorganisms for selection of the best microorganism for further studies; (ii) to develop a method to extract resistance inducing substance from the liquid culture of the best microorganism and to use the extracted resistance inducing substance to study the mechanism of its protection of bell pepper from infection by P. capsici; and (iii) to study the chemical and physical characteristics of the resistance inducing substance and to use it to control Phytophthora blight of bell pepper in the field. Results of the study will be published in the international SCI journal. The microorganism and its resestance inducing substance will be used to apply for patent.
其他識別: 100農科-1.1.4-檢-B1(4)
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