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標題: 速成豬糞資源化微生物肥料技術之開發及應用-速成豬糞資源化產品之功能分析及驗證
The Functional Analysis and Verification of Recycled Products of Piggery Waste with Rapid Process
作者: 陳仁炫
關鍵字: 生物技術, 農業化學類;應用研究;Piggery waste, Composting, recycled product, Pot experiment;豬糞廢棄物;堆肥化;資源化產品;盆栽試驗
豬糞為禽畜糞中最大宗的廢棄物,不當處理將對環境造成污染之問題及危害人畜之健康,傳統之堆肥化是最常應用的方法,需要有大量疏鬆的調整材料配合,才能完成堆肥化,堆肥化過程中易發生惡臭及廢污水,堆肥又需要有大的堆肥場空間,腐熟又耗費時間,至少2~4 個月完成,本研究有鑑於傳統堆肥之問題,將研發快速及環保之資源有機化技術,成為多功能有機複合微生物肥料,以突破傳統耗費的時間及空間之創新方式,以提升我國農業環境生物技術。本研究將整合團隊共同研發快速及環保豬糞資源化技術,而本小組由中興大學土壤環境科學系三位教授組成,針對開發之產品的功能性及安全性進行評估與驗證。

Piggery waste is the major livestock waste generated in Taiwan. Inappropriate or undertreatment of animal wastes will cause environmental pollution and may be hazardous tohuman health of and to other animals. Wastes from intensive pig production units have beenassociated with the degradation of water resources and the release of methane into theatmosphere. The wastes generated by pigs are a serious public health and environmentalconcern for the authorities. Though, composting is very common method to treat piggerywaste, but, composting needs a large amount of adjusting materials, as to produce betterquality manure. The process of composting generates bad odor, waste water in addition, willconsume both space and time (2~4 months). The proposed research project will develop anovel technology to improve the procedure of composting which not only substantiallyminimize composting time, space used but also will safeguard the environment. Threeprofessors of Department of Soil and Environmental Sciences, NCHU, are included in thisstudy team to test and evaluate the function and safety of the products.
其他識別: NSC96-2317-B005-013
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