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標題: 近紅外線光譜應用於果樹品種改良與栽培技術改進及採後處理應用
Application on the Improvements Quality and Cultivative Technology of Fruiter and Deal with Fruit after Picked by NIR Spectroscopy
作者: 曾國珍
關鍵字: 園藝;應用研究;Murcott;茂谷柑;近紅外線光譜技術;含水量;裂果;甜度;香蕉;NIRS;Aquiferous;Pericarp Was Broken Apart;Sugar Content;Banana

The murcott is high economical price tillage in Taiwan,however,it has been a serious problem that the murcott becomes to drop-page during it's mellow duration , and it leads to the farmer's income getting less. Banana is one of the most exported fruit, it is also important to keep its color green to the destination.This plan will use ‘'near infrared spectroscopy ‘'to watch over the mutcorr's aquiferous and variation of sugar content ,therefor,we can control the fruit tree's rade of water assimilation by the result of record,and modulate it's manure according to the analysis of soil fertility.We hope that we can not only decrease about 10~20% of cracked murcott but also promote it's sugar content about 1~2 degrees,furniturly, promoting the crop and quarity of murcott , hence , the farmer's income will increase. At the same time we will try to use NIR to control bananas' color and keep them green until they arrive to the destination.
其他識別: 96農科-4.2.2-糧-Z1(11)
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