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標題: 有機草莓栽培綜合管理
The Integrated Management on Strawberry Production in Organic Farming System
作者: 黃裕銘
關鍵字: 園藝;技術發展;Organic Strawberry;有機草莓;土壤品質;孵育;Soil Quality;Incubation

We will conduct organic strawberry field test at Da-Hu district. The different basal fertilizer treatments have three mixed rates with slow and fast-release organic fertilizers at 6:1, 6:2, and 6:4(w/w) respectively. The apply fertilizer will be restricted at 300 kg-N/ha. The mineralization rate of different formlus will be conducted with different in laboratory incubation. This will support our concept to make a good formula of organic fertilizer that can be used for maintaining soil quality, quaratee good production and simplfying fertilization practice on strawberry cultivation. We also carry on organic seedling raising and pest control test to full fill the strawberry cultivation in organic farming system.
其他識別: 96農科-4.2.3-糧-Z3(10)
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