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標題: 雪霸國家公園珍貴原生植物之育種研究棣慕華鳳仙花物候調查及族群遺傳分子親緣的研究
作者: 劉思謙
關鍵字: Shei-Pa National Park;鳳仙花;生物科學類, 自然生態保育;Kuan-Wu;Impatiens devolii;物候週期;親緣關係;雪霸國家公園;基礎研究
Impatiens devolii is an endemic species in Taiwan. It is a vulnerable species based on IUCN criteria, because its geological distribution is restricted to Shei-Pa National park, an area less than 100 square meters. The species has been regarded as the fist priority for conservation in Shei-Pa National park of Taiwan. The project is aimed at studying 1.phenology 2.census and distribution 3.population genetics of Impatiens devolii in 2005. In study of the phenology, we plan to study of periodic biological phenomena, such as flowering, breeding, and dispersal, in relation to climatic conditions of Impatien devolii. We are also plan to census the population of Impatien devolii in Shei-Pa National park in order to understand fluctuation of the population size during the past few year. To infer the phylogenetic relationship among of Impatien devolii, Impatiens tayemonii and Impatiens uniflora , specimen of these three species will be collected. DNA will be extracted and their ITS sequences will be amplified by polymerase chain reaction. ITS sequences from Genbank will be downloaded. A phylogenetic tree will be constructed by using these ITS sequences to understand whether these three were origin from a common ancestor or not. In order to understand population subdivisions of Impatien devolii, specimens in different habitats will be collected. DNA will be extracted and amplify using ITS degenerated primers. Nucleotide diversity and the F statistics of the sequences will be calculated. The minimal spanning network will be constructed to infer dispersal pattern of the species in Shei-Pa National park. We hope these studies can provide valuable information for the conservation of Impatien devolii, such as protection of the subpopulations with high genetic diversity or specificity.

棣慕華鳳仙花(Impatiens devolii Hung)為臺灣的特有種植物。由於目前棲地全世界僅限於雪霸國家公園觀霧高海拔地區,根據IUCN認定稀有植物受威脅程度分類表標準,可將其歸為易受害(vulnerable),屬於小而且狹隘分佈的族群。因此棣慕華鳳仙花早已被雪霸國家公園列為保育順序第一優先的植物。歐等(1999)曾估計棣慕華鳳仙花植群數量僅約4,000∼6000之間,為了保育此種植物,對於該族群近年來數量的變化、分布範圍的增減、物候週期的變化、遺傳基因變異等資料,應有更進一步的認識。本計劃擬在雪霸國家公園從事棣慕華鳳仙花的1.棣慕華鳳仙花物候週期調查自我更新觀察2.棣慕華鳳仙花的族群面積及族群數量推估3.族群遺傳變異等調查及研究。物候週期調查方面,我們將觀察棣慕華鳳仙花在不同生育地、不同植株大小,一年內發芽、長葉、開花、結果、落果的時間及形態是否有所不同,並與黃花鳳仙花、紫花鳳仙花對照比較,將觀察物候過程的結果編繪成一條物候譜帶。我們也將調查鳳仙花目前生長分布之區域及面積,推演棣慕華鳳仙花的族群是逐漸縮小或擴增以供雪霸國家公園經營管理及復育、推廣之參考。有關族群遺傳基因變異的研究,我們將探討棣慕華鳳仙花與黃花鳳仙花及紫花鳳仙花彼此間的親緣關係、探討棣慕華鳳仙花的族群基因結構、並推估牠們在雪霸國家公園的散佈(dispersal)方式。針對其基因歧異性我們可以訂立更詳細的保育計劃,例如保育遺傳結構特殊的亞族群,保育基因歧異性大的亞族群及以人為方式交配植株,以避免自交及歧異性降低的情形等。
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