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標題: 高效率生物資源再利用的生物技術開發-高效分解菌菩提奇異球菌之功能分析及有機廢棄物處理
Technology Development toward Efficient Bioresources Re-utilization-Functional Analysis and Organic Waste Treatment by the Super Leftover Decomposing Bacterium Deinococcus ficus
作者: 楊秋忠
關鍵字: 農業化學類;應用研究;Deinococcus ficus;菩提奇異球菌;生物資源再利用;有機廢棄物處理;Bioresources Re-utilization;Organic Waste Treatment
中興大學土環系楊秋忠教授研究室已研發快速處理廢棄物之創新技術,可在數小時內完成免堆有機質肥料之分解,取代傳統耗時2-4個月之堆肥方法,是全球最快處理廢棄物之創新技術。免堆快速處理技術的關鍵是在特殊環境及原料中酵素的表現,於該等酵素研發過程中,本研究室發現一株從本土分離純化及新命名的菌種Deinococcus ficus CC-FR2-10(菩提奇異球菌),具有強鹼下(pH 10)仍然有最佳的繁殖及蛋白質分解酵素活性,可於特殊強鹼下幫助難分解有機物質之快速分解。因為強鹼環境是最有利有機廢棄物的構造鬆解條件,可提高各項組成分之分解效率,但一般微生物不易在強鹼中存活繁殖,因此此種嗜鹼好氣性微生物將在有機廢棄物分解、生物能源再利用、生物復育等環保生物科技上,扮演重要之角色。本研究將探討此一菌種在鹼性條件下之生理生化特性,並研究耐鹼酵素生產之最佳培養條件,此外亦將進行耐鹼酵素之純化與酵素之生化特性分析,及研究最有利的有機廢棄物分解與生物資源再利用條件。相信此一菌種的功能分析與酵素系統之研究將提供此一新穎菌株在有機廢棄物分解上更多之學理基礎,及達成發揮環境生物科技應用上的最高境界。

Dr. Young, Department of Soil and Environmental Sciences of NCHU have developed the fastest technique in the world for decomposing organic waste, which takes only few hours instead of several months. The key to such a high profile technique is the discovery of a novel native bacterium Deinococcus ficus CC-FR2-10 that can stably function in alkaline conditions. The strain was isolated from the rhizosphere of the sacred tree Ficus religiosa in Taiwan and can secrete several proteases that exhibit maximum activity at pH 10, which is necessary to degrade some tough biomaterial. Presently, Dr. Young has applied for a patent for this discovery of using Deinococcus ficus CC-FR2-10 to rapidly process the organic waste especially food refuse. Since a high pH (> 10) is necessary for organic waste decomposition, and most bacteria are less likely to survive under such a stringent condition, this novel alkaliphilic bacterium, therefore plays an important role in organic waste decomposition, re-utilization of bio-energy, bioremediation of contaminated soil etc. We will focus on the functional analysis of strain CC-FR2-10 in the alkaline condition and obtain the best condition for organic waste decomposition and bioresource re-utilization. We believe that the above in-depth studies will provide deeper understandings for this bacterium and is a good example of using biotechnology for the benefits of whole mankind.
其他識別: 96農科-1.2.1-科-a2(6)
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