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標題: 建立快速檢驗土壤及肥料重金屬之研究
Studies on the Development of Rapid Test of Heavy Metal Content in Soil and Fertilizer
作者: 鄒裕民
關鍵字: 農業化學類;應用研究;Microwave Digestion;微波消化;土壤和肥料;快速檢測;Soil and Fertilzers;Rapid Test
(1) 本計畫係建立結合微波消化與電漿耦合分光光度計之快速分解、檢測肥料和土壤重金屬含量之技術。(2) 分別採用數種土壤和有機質肥料樣品,評估並建立微波消化之最佳分解條件(包括樣品用量,酸液種類與組成,樣品與酸液之比例,分解時間....等),並以ICP檢測分解液之重金屬含量。(3) 藉由本研究之結果,可提供快速之土壤和肥料的重金屬含量檢測技術。

(1) The purpose of this study is to develop an rapid test of heavy metal contents in soils and fertilizers using microwave digestion system and ICP determination technique.(2) Several soils and organic fertilzers will be selected, and the best conditions of microwave digestion (including sample size, the kind and composition of acid solution, the ratio of sample to acid solution,digestion time....) will be evaluatged and developed. The contents of heavy metals in digestion solution will be determined by ICP.(3) A rapid test for determination of heavy metal contents in soils or fertilizers can be provided based on the result of this study.
其他識別: 96農科-4.2.3-糧-Z6
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