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標題: 應用遙測技術於蔬菜災損調查計畫
Study on Vegetable Damage Survey by Remote Sensing Techniques
作者: 申雍
關鍵字: 應用研究;其他(農), 水土資源保育, 地球科學類;Vegetable;蔬菜;雨害;遙測;Rain Damage;Remote Sensing
國內蔬菜生產易受降雨影響,且常為災害前後民眾所關注的生活必需品,如能精確掌握災損狀況,將可做為政府採行因應決策之參考。本研究擬進行應用遙測技術辨識及估算蔬菜作物雨害災損程度與範圍可行性之探討,作為後續進行蔬菜雨害遙測技術研究的基礎。預期可獲得下述成果。1. 建置蔬菜雨害地真光譜資料庫,可供後續發展災損遙測判釋模式,提高應用光學遙測技術進行災損程度調查的準確度。2. 探討應用雷達衛星監測土壤濕度的可行性,以便應用遙測影像於災後判釋蔬菜雨害可能受災範圍,以利農友和相關單位採行必要之因應措施。3. 建立西螺蔬菜生產區GIS資訊,當災害發生後,可快速獲得較精確之統計數字。

Vegetables are commodities required in daily life but the productions are easily damaged in rainy season. Accurate estimation about the extent and degree of damages is the basis for making response strategies. In this study, the feasibilities of estimating the extent and degree of vegetable damages by remote sensing techniques during rainy season are to be evaluated and served as the basis for follow up researches. It is expected to achieve following objectives.1. To establish a canopy reflectance spectrum database for vegetables for further development of remote sensing models to evaluate the damage loss of vegetables.2. To explore the techniques of retrieving soil moisture from active microwave images for estimating the areal extent damaged. 3. To establish a GIS database for Shi-Lo vegetable production area so that more accurate damage statistics can be obtained.
其他識別: 97農科-4.2.1-糧-ZA
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