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標題: 武陵地區溪流藻類生產力之限制營養鹽
Nutrient Limitation of Algal Productivity in the Streams of the Wulin Area
作者: 林幸助
關鍵字: Chichiawan stream;七家灣溪;自然生態保育, 生物科學類;eutrophication;periphyton;phytoplankton;productivity;優養化;附生藻類;浮游藻類;生產力;基礎研究
One of the missions of Shei-Pa National Park is to conserve the natural resources, especially the Formosan landlocked salmon in the Chichiawan stream basin of Wulin area. In order to understand the dynamics of the Formosan salmon, it is necessary to construct a trophic model to track the food sources and the interaction with other biota in the stream ecosystem. Therefore, the purposes of this study are: 1. to assemble and analyze the previous literature, 2. to construct a conceptual model of energy and matter flow in the stream, 3. to assess the possibility of construction of the trophic model, and 4. to suggest the research works in the future.The conceptual model shows the major biological groups, the food sources and the pathways in the food web of the stream. Thus, ECOPATH with ECOSIM software system is recommended for construction of trophic model. According to analyses of the previous literature, it is found that monitoring of water quality and stream morphometry has provided chemical and physical data for the stream. The flux and the pool of organic detritus in the stream are the foci in the future. Primary productivity and the relationships with the nutrients are needed for the food sources of the stream. Finally, data of biota except the Formosan salmon are lacking, especially the secondary production, the consumption, and the diet composition and need further works. It is suggested that the seasonal and spatial changes in biota in the ecosystem shall be incorporated into the ECOPATH model to construct an ECOSIM and ECOSPACE model respectively to predict the behaviors of the ecosystem.

其他識別: 092301020500G1011
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