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標題: 創新竹炭多功能微生物複合肥料之研發
An Innovative Bamboo Charcoal-Multifunctional Microbial Complex Fertilizer
作者: 楊秋忠
關鍵字: 農業化學類;商品化;Biofertilizer;微生物肥料;竹炭;複合肥料;Banboo Carcoal;Combined Fertilizer
在化學肥料高漲時代來臨,由於肥料是農業資材在作物生產中扮演重要角色之一,微生物肥料為農業生產資材中的新興產品,具有固氮、溶磷及促進作物生長與保護作物等功能,又有保護土壤及環境之功能, 可取代部份化學肥料的施用量。竹炭是近年來興起的產品,由孟宗竹經高溫炭化之固體輕質產物,炭化被視為碳蓋存最佳之材料,其特性包括分子結構呈六角形、質地堅硬、細密多孔、表面積達700 m2/g,是木炭之2倍,吸附力為木炭之10倍以上。竹炭具有吸收、吸附及供應天然礦物質之多種功能,竹炭不易被微生物分解,可視為土壤碳蓄存的村料之一。本研究之目的是將利用竹炭之特性做為微生物肥料,以便達成生產創新的優質高效及輕質安定之微生物肥料產品。

The higher price of chemical fertilizers is coming. Fertilizers are the most important agricultural material and play significant role in the crop production. Biofertilizer with N2-fixing, solubilizing P and improving plant growth is the new product for the agriculture to decrease the application of chemical fertilizers. It is need to establish a higher quality biofertilizer.Bamboo charcoal is also a new lighter product for carbon storage with porous material, higher surface area (700m2/g) and 10-time absorption ability than wool charcoal. Bamboo charcoal with absorbed and adsorbed abilities, as well as not easy to decompose by microorganisms can be seen a carbon storage material. The objectives of this research is to develop a specific biofertilizer to make higher quality and stable products of combined biofertilizers.
其他識別: 98農科-5.4.2-糧-ZD
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