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標題: 開發農業廢棄物製成觸媒技術應用於環境污染物之去除
The Development of Catalysts from Agricultural Wates to Remove Environmental Pollutants
作者: 施養信
關鍵字: Agricultural Wastes;農業廢棄物;農業環境保護, 農業化學類;Catalysts;Organic Contaminants;觸媒;有機污染物;應用研究
The effects of process parameters on the preparation of the catalysts derived from carbonized agricultural wastes by the thermal and chemical treatment will be examined. The surface characterization of this catalyst will be analyzed. The surface analysis will help in the understanding of the properties of activated carbon catalyst. According to the investigation of the adsorption and degradation of organic contaminants on this catalytic activated carbon , the relationship between the surface characterization and removal efficiency of organic contaminants will be discussed. The surface characterization of the produced activated carbon catalyst can be the parameters to make the produced activated carbon catalysts more valuable.

其他識別: 98農科-7.2.1-糧-Z1(1)
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