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標題: Development of Multi-Function with High Quality for Biofilm Microbial Fertilizer and Establishment of a Platform for the Selection of Microbial New Species(II)
作者: 楊秋忠
關鍵字: 技術發展;biofilm;生物技術, 農業化學類;生物膜;微生物肥料;有廢棄物再生;新種;microbial fertilizer;organic waste recycling;new species
In the present project innovative products including multiple-functional,high-quality and biofilm-formed microbial fertilizers or organic waste decomposerswill be developed. Through the National Science and Technology Program forAgricultural Biotechnology funded by Executive Yuan, we have already explored avariety of indigenous and novel microorganisms (bacteria, actinomycetes, yeasts)which possess nitrogen fixing, phosphate solubilizing (tricalcium phosphate, ferricphosphate, aluminum phosphate and organic phosphate) or organic materials (protein,cellulose, hemicellulose, lipid, chitin) decomposing activities. The newly designedproducts and processes will be conducted by a combination of indigenous/novelmicroorganisms and superior materials for biofilm formation. This will lead to thedevelopment of biofilm-formed microbial agents with multiple-function, highernumber and higher survival capability. Besides, a team for the exploration ofindigenous novel microorganisms will be established in Taiwan. After screening andisolation the taxonomy and phylogenetic characterization of these novel species willbe carried out by using a polyphasic approach. These valuable bio-resources will beuseful not only in academic aspect but also can be transferred to the industrialmarket.

本計畫將利用農業生技國家型計畫成果中的本土及新命名之菌種,包括細菌、放線菌、酵母菌類之菌種,及固氮、溶磷(磷酸鈣、磷酸鐵、磷酸鋁及有機磷)、促進生長及有機物分解(蛋白質、纖維素、半纖維素、脂肪、幾丁質等)之功能菌種,開發創新的多元功能及高質化生物膜微生物肥料及有機廢棄物再利用之產品。本計畫將利用本研究室原有之本土及新菌種篩選優良之生物膜材料及生產優化創新技術之開發,以達成具有多功能、高菌數量及高存活力的微生物生物膜產品。本研究並將成立台灣本土新菌種之篩選團隊,以整合命名所需之分子生物學分析之分工,第一年已在98 年8 月起進行分析鑑定之微生物菌種及生物膜分析,第二年將加速新菌種之發現及開發台灣微生物之新資源利用。本研究之菌種組合群及基礎資料彙整之項目,將有助提供產業界多樣性之技轉參考及應用。
其他識別: NSC99-2324-B005-014
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