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標題: Characterization of Plant Growth Promotion in Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria and Endophytic Bacteria under Long Term Various Fertilizations in the Paddy and Upland Cropping System(I)
作者: 楊秋忠
關鍵字: 基礎研究;nitrogen fixing bacteria;農業化學類;固氮菌;內生菌;水旱田輪作;施肥;基因型研究;endophytic bacteria;paddy-upland crop rotation;fertilization;genotypic characterization
台灣位於亞熱帶地區,水旱田輪作是台灣農地耕作最常見的特色,在國際上具有其獨特性,為有效達到合理之田間土壤施肥管理,須對農業土壤環境長期施用不同肥料之效應有充分了解,而在水田及旱田輪作之土壤有相當程度的變化,尤其國內對農地作物之本土內生菌之研究甚為缺乏,值得深入探討。本研究將研究長期施用不同有機質肥料(堆肥、綠肥及泥炭)及化學肥料之玉米與水稻輪作系統田間處理之田區,進行固氮菌及內生菌之群落結構比較及植物生長促進特性分析,以了解不同有機質及化學肥料之施用對固氮菌及內生菌族群多樣性之影響。本研究將以土壤中含有大量不可培養微生物之觀點,應用分生技術研究固氮菌及內生菌群落結構受到作物種類、不同肥培管理下所呈現的多樣性,並探討有機質綠肥、堆肥(猪糞堆肥)與泥炭之長期處理對農田土壤中優勢微生物種類之影響。進行土壤基因型研究與傳統可培養法並行,萃取土壤中之微生物DNA,以PCR 技術研究具鑑別菌種之16S rRNA 基因與nifH 固氮基因,此外,利用培養法分離篩選可培養之根圈固氮菌及根內細菌微生物族群,利用菌株分離培養後之功能性分析,探討細菌於作物根圈中可能表現之植物生長促進特性及細菌扮演之角色,並以基因型差異性進行菌種之親緣關係分析與菌種鑑定,本土菌種之篩選亦有助於微生物肥料菌種之開發及應用。期能以分子生物學及傳統分析比較,對土壤環境中微生物所扮演的角色有更深入之了解。

Taiwan is located in the subtropical zone and the paddy-upland crop rotation farming inTaiwan is a distinguishing feature all over the world and contributes to the uniqueness andimportance in the investigation of this agroecosystem. The reasonable fertilizationmanagements of soil could be achieved by fully understanding the agroecosystemenvironment, which showed varieties in soil ecological parameters to a large degree duringthese years. But the lack of studies on the indigenous endophytic bacteria limits theunderstanding of the roles of bacteria present in the agricultural fields. In the present study theamendment of chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers (compost, green manure, peat) in thefarming system were carried out to study the dynamics and microbial community structure ofnitrogen fixing bacteria and endophytic bacteria. Microbial diversity was assessed byculture-dependent and culture-independent (nucleic acid based) approaches. Soil DNAs wereisolated from soil samples and amplified with bacterial universal primers and nitrogen fixinggene (nifH) specific primers by PCR. The dynamics of nitrogen fixing and endophyticbacteria community will be monitored under various fertilizers treatments in the rice andmaize rhizosphere, and the impacts by the long term amendment of green manure, pigcompost and peat will be studied. In the meanwhile the isolation and characterization of plantgrowth promotion in nitrogen fixing and endophytic bacteria will be performed to figure outthe interaction between plant and rhizobacteria. It is assumed that the present study will aid inthe recognition of the role of bacteria present in the agroecosystem, the development andapplication of biofertilizers.
其他識別: NSC99-2628-B005-013-MY3
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