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標題: 合理處理方式降低蛋雞糞氮素損失研究
The Study on the Decrease of Nitrogen Loss of Chicken Manure with an Appropriate Management System
作者: 黃裕銘
關鍵字: Chicken Manure;雞糞;農業環境保護, 農業化學類;Composting;Aerobic Compost;堆肥化;好氣堆肥;技術發展
Chicken manure contains high nutrients for crop. However, farmers are preferred to use the non-composted manure which makes a serious sanitary problem. One of the most important reason for farmers use non-composted chicken manure is the nitrogen loss reduced fertilizer value of chicken manure.The aims of this study will focus on reducing of length of composting period without reducing of sanitary concerned but can keep most of the nitrogen in the compost. The efficiency of fertilizer value of the short composting manure will be evaluated by pot experiment. The shorten of the composting period will reduce the loss of nitrogen during composting, it also decrease the energy consuming.

其他識別: 99農科-7.2.1-牧-U1(3)
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