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標題: Impacts of Climate Change to Food Security and Potential Adaptation Stratigies
作者: 申雍
關鍵字: 其他;Food Security;農業經濟類, 農業環境保護;糧食安全;因應策略;氣候變遷;Response Strategy;Climate Change
Food security in Taiwan depends heavily on imports. The GHGs emission in Taiwan has also been increasing and almost doubled since 1990. Once exports are impeded due to the high emission of GHGs, it will most likely to have detrimental effects on our country's foreign trade earnings. At that time, the food security issue will also emerge as results of lacking food purchasing power from world food markets. The report "Adapting to climate change: the challenge for European agriculture and rural areas", ?complementing the White Paper to improve Europe's resilience to climate change, summarizes the main impacts of climate change on EU agriculture, examines adaptation needs, describes the implications for the CAP and explores possible orientations for future action. It aims at further engaging Member States and the farming community into a debate and action on adaptation needs that result from climate pressures, and serves a good template/model to develop the adaptation strategies for Taiwan.In this study, the agricultural response strategies proposed by EU will be collected and analyzed; the potential impacts of climate change to food security of Taiwan will also be evaluated. By comparing the differences in agricultural policies between EU and Taiwan, possible modifications to current policies of Taiwan will then be proposed.??

其他識別: 99農科-4.1.1-國-I3(2)
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