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標題: Development for the Technological Improvements of Deodorization and Product Quality of the Pig Dung Fast Treatment
作者: 楊秋忠
關鍵字: 應用研究;農業環境保護, 農業化學類;豬糞;有機廢棄物快速處理;除臭;微生物肥料
Piggery waste is the major livestock waste generated in many countries. Inappropriate orunder treatment of animal wastes will cause environmental pollution and may be hazardous tohuman health of and to other animals. The wastes generated by pigs are a serious public healthand environmental concern for the authorities. The previous research was developed a noveltechnology for the rapid treatment of piggery waste. Although the development of a noveltechnology was developed, there are two problems need to solve, including (1) the odor releasedduring the first period of before final reaction stage, and (2) how to add the biofertilizer to theorganic product. The objectives of this industrial cooperation are to solve these two problems forselecting best deodorizer and the technology for combination of organic product and biofertilizer.These technologies will be proved by pot and field experiments, as well as to increase the qualityand the market competition for the fast treated product.

猪糞為禽畜糞中最大宗的廢棄物,不當處理將對環境造成污染之問題及危害人畜之健康,傳統之堆肥過程中易發生惡臭及廢污水問題。本研究已研發快速(1~3 小時)及環保之猪糞資源有機化之技術,為全球首創之處理技術,具有改善傳統耗費的時間及空間之創新方式,雖然快速處理技術已完成,但在產業應用上尚需解決二件問題,一為猪糞在反應前段的快速釋放臭味之問題,其二為快速高溫處理後之有機肥如何有效添加微生物肥料之產品問題,均有待解決。本產學合作研究目的即在應用快速猪糞處理時,研發整合催化及吸附技術以快速去除臭味,將篩選最佳之除臭材料及技術,之後將篩選優化之微生物肥料添加之技術,並經盆栽及田間試驗評估驗証,達成提升快速除臭及生產微生物有機肥之複合功效,並將整合除臭技術及降低生產成本下,以提高產品品質,將有助創新之技轉及提升產業技術與市場之競爭力。
其他識別: NSC99-2622-B005-003-CC2
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