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標題: Combining Medium and Coarse Spatial Resolution Satellite Data to Improve the Growth Monitoring and Yields Estimation of Paddy Rice
作者: 申雍
關鍵字: 技術發展;Remote Sensing;農藝;遙感探測;水稻;產量推估;生長監測;Paddy Rice;Yield Estimation;Growth Monitoring
本計畫擬分三年開發結合中空間解析度(SPOT)與粗空間解析度(MODIS 8-day composite)衛星影像監測水稻全生育期生長情形及推估可能產量之技術,便於糧政單位監測台灣地區水稻全生育期中生長狀況的動態變化,並提高對當期作水稻總產量估測之準確度,可有效協助我國糧食供需調控的作業。

The goals of this study are to develop remote sensing techniques combining medium (SPOT) and coarse (MODIS 8-day composite) spatial resolution satellite data to improve the growth monitoring and yields estimation of paddy rice in Taiwan. It is expected that remote sensing techniques developed can help Agriculture and Food Agency to better monitor the growth of paddy rice during the entire growth stages and improve the accuracy of total rice production estimation of Taiwan, which can then increase the efficacy of food supply managements.
其他識別: 100農科-4.2.1-糧-Z5(2)
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