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標題: Fe Chemistry in the Rhizosphere of Paddy Rice
作者: 王尚禮
關鍵字: 基礎研究;農業環境保護;植物營養;鐵缺乏;根分泌物;根圈土壤化學

Iron (Fe) is an essential microelement for plant growth. The low availability of Fe insoils, mainly resulting from its low solubility and strong retention to soil constituents, canlead to Fe deficiency in plants. Since the release of Fe from soil solids into soil solutions forplant utilization is controlled by the interactions between root exudates and soil constituents,it is critical to understand the interaction mechanisms for enhancing the resistance of plants toFe deficiency in soils. Accordingly, the goal of this study is to investigate the roles of rootexudates in determining the formations and distributions of Fe phases in the rhizosphere ofdifferent rice cultivars, the Fe-mobilization efficiency of rice root exudates, and the reactionof rice root exudates to solid phases in paddy soils with an emphasis on the interactiveprocesses between the rice root and rhizosphere soil. There are three lines of attack: (1) todetermine the changes in the compositions of the root exudates of paddy rice induced by Fedeficient conditions and identify novel compounds in rice root exudates with specificfunctions in the selective solubilization and mobilization of Fe; (2) to study the functions ofrice root exudates and micro-scale processes in determining the Fe speciation, and thetemporal and spatial distributions of root exudations and mineral compositions in therhizosphere; (3) to investigate the effects of root exudates on the formation of Fe-containingminerals and the reaction rates and mechanisms of rice root exudates with Fe-bearingminerals to clarify functions in regulating Fe solubility in the rice rhizosphere. The results ofthis proposed research will provide essential information for understanding the interaction andfeedback mechanisms between the rice root and rhizosphere soil in controlling Fe availabilityfor rice uptake and bringing insights to rhizosphere biochemical processes controlling the Feuptake of rice plants.
其他識別: NSC100-2628-B005-001-MY3
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