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標題: Development and Application of Multifunctional Bio-Tech Fertilizers with Wide-Effect and Environmental Protection
作者: 楊秋忠
關鍵字: 技術發展;生物技術;生技肥料;微生物肥料;有機質肥料;化學肥料
Chicken is one of the important biological resources in the world. In agriculture,chickens are domesticated descendants of the red jungle fowl in Asia as much as 6,000-7,000years ago. Their eggs and meat had become an important animal originated protein forhuman. In scientific research and biotechnology industries, they were also very important forthe biological material. There were 17 chicken breeds (strains) maintained in NationalChung-Hsing University, including 6 long-term selection of chicken strains (ranged from the22 to 27 generations), and 11 conserved chicken populations. Our research papers whichused these experimental chickens for the materials published more than 50 articles over thepast three decades. They have been a highlight of Taiwan's unique biological resources inagriculture. The purposes of this project are to establish mechanisms for integration ofbiological resources of chickens, and to improve facilities of chicken house, in order toprovide the high-quality biological resources for academic research.

The higher amount input of chemical fertilizers over a long period of time in agriculturalfields has lead to the decline of soil fertility and water pollution. Development of the two-in-one orthree-in-one microbial-biotech-fertilizer by combinations of complex microbial fertilizer, organicfertilizer and chemical fertilizer provides multiple benefits to the farmers and our environment,which include increase of fertilization efficiency, decrease of the input of fertilizer and promotionof environmental protection. Application of the newly developed technology will bring a newvision toward a more sustainable agriculture, and the reduction of overdose use of chemicalfertilizers also fit in with the world trends, in order to provide solutions for solving the globalenvironmental problems.In Professor Chiu-Chung Young's laboratory we have already screened and isolatedhundreds of indigenous strains and many novel species from Taiwan. These microbial agentsincluding bacteria, actinomycetes and yeasts are demonstrated to fix nitrogen, solubilize phosphate(tricalcium phosphate, ferric phosphate, aluminum phosphate, organic phosphate), promote plantgrowth or decompose organic waste (possessing protease, cellulose, hemicellulase, lipase,chitinase activities). In order to improve and elevate product and technology of biofertilizers, thepresent project will be undertaken to develop the two-in-one or three-in-onemicrobial-biotech-fertilizer, by combinations of complex microbial fertilizer, organic fertilizer andchemical fertilizer. These newly developed fertilizers will provide multiple benefits includingincrease of fertilization efficiency, decrease of the input of fertilizer and promotion ofenvironmental protection. The integration of various fertilizers and innovative biotechnology willbring huge benefits to the farmers and our environment, meanwhile achieve the prospect of halvingchemical fertilizer and chemical pesticide proposed by the biotech-industrial committee ofExecutive Yuan under BTC 2015 proposal.In order to perform the development of biotech-fertilizer, and integrate the upstream,midstream and downstream development of the biotech-fertilizer, a team is formed and the taskassignments are listed below:1.Exploration of microbial agents for biotech-fertilizer development and the productionprocess (National Chair Professor Chiu-Chung Young)2.Production of microbial spores for biotech-fertilizer development (Special InvitedProfessor Der-Syh Tzeng)3.Functional analysis and validation of biotech-fertilizer (Professor Jen-Hshuan Chen)
其他識別: NSC100-2324-B005-008
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