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標題: Stable Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotope Study on Groundwater (I)
作者: 彭宗仁
關鍵字: 地球科學類;應用研究;Groundwater;地下水;氫氧同位素;台北盆地;桃園中壢地區;oxygen and hydrogen Isotopes;Taipei Basin;Taoyuan- Chungli area
Throughing the study of hydrogen and oxygen isotopes on groundwaters of new drilling observation wells of ?H?±Master Plan of Groundwater Monitoring Network?H?H in Taipei Basin and Taoyuan- Chungli area?HAthe following specific objectives can be archived:1. to establish the hydrogen and oxygen isotopic data in Taipei Basin and Taoyuan- Chungli area; understand the isotopic characteristics of each aquifer in study areas and provided for the establishment of hydrogeological identify the source area of groundwaters and the situation of groundwater continue the analysis of rain samples of Penghu, Hsinchu and Chianan areas for establishing the long-term isotopic database in Taiwan.

本研究係配合「台灣地區地下水觀測網整體計畫」,進行台北盆地和桃園中壢地區新設地下水觀測井水樣及研究地區之氫、氧同位素採樣與分析工作,其目的在經由天水及地下水氫氧同位素之分析研究,達成下列之目標:(一) 建立台北盆地和桃園中壢地區天水與地下水地表水之基本氫、氧同位素數據。(二) 了解各調查研究區內各含水層地下水之氫氧同位素特徵,提供做為水文地質單元劃分之參考。(三) 鑑別台北盆地和桃園中壢地區地下水之可能來源與區域性地下水鹽化之情況。(四) 繼續分析澎湖、嘉南以及新竹等地區之雨水標本,以建立台灣地區長期雨水之穩定氫、氧同位素基本數據。
其他識別: 5926901000-02-93-02
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