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標題: 人工濕地生態系統功能與經濟效益評估-人工濕地生態系統結構、功能與溫室氣體通量(II)
Ecosystem Structure, Functioning and Greenhouse Gas Flux of Constructed Wetlands (II)
作者: 林幸助
關鍵字: 應用研究;Food web;生物科學類, 自然生態保育;食物網;生態系統代謝;硝化作用;脫硝作用;CO2通量;CH4通量;Ecosystem metabolism;Nitrification;Denitrification;CO2 flux;CH4 flux

How biodiversity influences ecosystem functioning is the focus of recent research. Constructed wetlands are widely distributed around Taiwan. The treatment effects of wastewater are often significant due to a variety of ecosystem processes. However, the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in constructed wetlands is still unclear. This project is one of an integrated project for studying constructed wetlands by constructing trophic models for exploring the mechanism of removing pollutants, quantifying the biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, and determining whether constructed wetlands is the source or sink for greenhouse gases (CO2及CH4). Our study sites will be located in three surface-flow wetlands with four treatment units in Taipei County which were operated in different times and subjected to different levels of management, including Hsinhei I and II and Fujeo. The natural wetlands at Gutin were compared with for a control. At present, we are in situ determining the primary productivity, respiration, and the fluxes of CO2. The instruments for measuring nitrification and denitrification rates, and the fluxes of CH4 are constructing. We also collected required data of microbes and animals in the wetlands. In the first year (2009~2010), we will continue to assemble data of biotic communities and to measure the ecosystem processes in the field to determine the seasonal patterns and to determine the diversity and the activity of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea; in the second year (2010~2011), we will quantify the biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, and maturity by constructing trophic models and carbon and nitrogen budget models at the five study sites. In the future, we will try to apply the ecological database and resulted ecosystem indices to other constructed wetlands and provide a guideline of the cost-benefit analyses and a reference for policy makers.
其他識別: NSC98-2621-M005-003
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