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標題: The Interaction between Sox9 and Wnt Signaling Pathway in Avian Sex Determination
作者: 鄭旭辰
關鍵字: sex determination;性別決定;生物科學類;gonads;Sox9;Wnt4;pubertal development;chick embryo;生殖腺;Sox9;Wnt4;雞胚胎;青春期發育;基礎研究
Sox9 與Wnt 訊息傳導途徑對鳥類性別決定的影響哺乳動物中除鴨嘴獸外,都是由Y 染色體來決定雄性的發育。自人類XY 女性與XX 男性的染色體變異研究中發現,雄性的發育的分子機制在於Y 染色體上一個約35,000 鹼基小片段,其中包含了一個基因稱之為Sry (Sex-determination Region on Ychromosome)。Sry 透過一系列的機制控制了生殖腺中Leydig cell、Sertoli cell 與細精管等體細胞的形成。然而,其他的脊椎動物並不具有XY 性染色體,也沒有Sry 基因,而是演化出了其他的性別決定機制。在這些非XY 的動物胚胎發育過程中,他們的性別決定時期,雄性生殖腺都有Sox9 的表現,雌性生殖腺都有Wnt4 的表現;因此Sox9 與Wnt4被認為是所有脊椎動物性別決定中最重要的因子。然而,在正常雄性與雌性中,生殖腺的發育是互不相容的;所以我們推論Sox9 與Wnt4 之間很可能有相互拮抗的作用。我們將以雞胚胎及青春期發育前期的小公雞為材料,在其生殖腺中分別加強或去除Sox9 及Wnt 訊息傳導途徑的活性,改變雄性與雌性生殖腺體細胞性別決定的分化,藉此探討Sox9 與Wnt4 之間交互作用的分子機制。

The interaction between Sox9 andWnt signaling pathway in avian sex determinationSex determination in mammals is regulated by the presence of Y chromosome in male, exceptPlatypus. Molecular analysis has revealed that a small region on the Y chromosome, Sry,controls the male determining cascade of differentiation, including the formation of Leydigand Sertoli cells in testis, testis cord formation, and synthesis of testosterone. However, manynon-mammal vertebrates do not have XY sex chromosome and have evolved a different sexdetermining mechanism. Here we propose to study two genes, Sox9 and Wnt4 that have beingshown to promote male and female gonad formation in mouse and human. As Sox9 andWnt4antagonize each other's function during chondrogenesis, we hypothesize that the mutualexclusive differentiation of testis and ovary may share a similar regulatory mechanism.Wewill use chicken embryos and pre-pubertal chicken to characterize the interactions betweenSox9 andWnt signaling pathway in somatic gonads. By manipulating the activity of Sox9 andWnt pathway, we expect to alter the normal gonad development.
其他識別: NSC98-2311-B005-005
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