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標題: 高美濕地生態系統碳通量
Ecosystem Carbon Fluxes in the Kaomei Wetland
作者: 林幸助
關鍵字: 商品化;Climate change;海洋科學類, 環保工程;氣候變遷;碳匯;地景;草澤植物;海草;藻墊;底棲微細藻類;Carbon sink;Landscape;Salt marsh plant;Seagrass;Algal mat;Episamic periphyton
人為活動導致碳元素循環失衡,氣候暖化。然而全球碳收支模式中約有12-15%的碳不見了,可能的原因是過去低估了自然生態系統碳匯的功能,其中沿海濕地是地球上效率最高的碳匯系統。高美濕地是台灣西海岸典型沿海溼地,預期對於區域碳循環有重要的生態服務功能。本計畫目的在量化高美濕地生態系統的碳通量,並了解其調控因子。擬以兩年時間回答下列五個問題:(1) 高美濕地生態系是碳源或是碳匯? (2) 高美溼地的碳通量功能是否受到人為富營養污水的影響? (3) 高美溼地的碳通量功能是否受到人為踩踏的影響? (4) 碳通量功能是否因為植物類型而有不同? (5) 高美溼地的碳通量功能是否受到底質粒徑的影響?第一年(2010~2011 年)利用密閉罩蓋法量測二氧化碳濃度變化量,量化高美溼地主要四種類型濕地植物,包括草澤、海草、藻墊與泥沙灘矽藻之碳通量。同時利用BOD 瓶溶氧變化,量測水層浮游生物之碳通量。第二年(2011~2012年)前半年除了持續完成野外量測以瞭解季節變化外,後半年,我們將考量一日光照量變化、季節變化與地景分布面積,提升尺度估計全年高美溼地生態系統碳通量,同時配合其他生物與環境資料,以期了解影響熱帶與亞熱帶沿海濕地碳通量之主要因素,提供作為管理單位經營參考與政策建言。

Human activities have been found to affect the carbon cycle and global warmingon Earth. There is about 12-15% of carbon which is missing in the global carboncycle. The reason may be that the function of natural ecosystems wasunderestimated. Coastal wetlands have been identified to be the most efficientcarbon sinks on Earth. The Kaomei wetland is a typical wetland along the westerncoast of Taiwan and is expected to affect the regional carbon cycle. Therefore, thisproject is aimed to quantify the carbon flux of the Kaomei wetland and to examine theregulating factors. We propose to answer the following 5 questions in two years: (1)Is the Kaomei wetland a carbon sink or source? (2) Is the ecosystem function ofcarbon flux affected by anthropogenic nutrient enrichment? (3) Is the ecosystemfunction of carbon flux affected by recreational trampling by tourists? (4) Is theecosystem function of carbon flux affected by different types of plants? (5) Is theecosystem function of carbon flux affected by grain size of sediment? In the first yearfrom 2010 to 2011, we propose to apply the enclosure method to determine thechanges in CO2 concentration when different types of plants including salt marshplants, seagrasses, algal mats and episamic periphyton are incubated in a chamber.We also propose to quantify the carbon flux of phytoplankton by using BOD bottles.In the first half of the second year from 2011-2012, we will continue themeasurements to better understand the seasonal changes in carbon flux. In thesecond half, we will scale up the carbon flux to whole ecosystem of the Kaomeiwetland by integrating the daily and seasonal irradiance and the coverage area oflandscape. We will analyze the carbon fluxes and environmental factors to determinethe most responsible regulating factors for the flux variations. This would provide animportant guideline and a reference for policy makers.
其他識別: NSC99-2611-M005-001-MY2
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