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標題: 地理空間分析和空間特徵價格模型應用於農地估價之研究
Geo-Spatial Analysis and Spatial Hedonic Price Models for Farmland Property Valuation
作者: 鄭美孌
關鍵字: 應用研究;Farmland Valuation;經濟學;農地價格;特徵性價格模型;空間相依性;空間異質性;Hedonic Price Model;Spatial Dependence;Spatial Heterogeneity

This research studies the rationale and conceptual framework underlying the hedonic approach that can decompose farmland values into its hedonic and location characteristics. The study will examine determinants of farmland prices, including a myriad of agricultural factors (such as soil productivity, acres in sales, improvement structure, slope aspect, and climate) and non-agricultural factors (such as distance to urbanized areas, distance to major roads, distance to freshwater wetlands, social demographic and economic characteristics, and regional influence). Understanding the roots of farmland price volatility is a concern to agricultural producers, government officials, developers, and investors. These interest groups commonly participate in conflicts surrounding agricultural restructuring, land use planning, property taxes, economic development, and farmland conservation. Insight into how agricultural and other factors influence farmland prices would benefit all concerned as communities wrestle with plans to promote growth in the non-agricultural sector that maintain and sustain opportunities for agriculture.A high-quality transactions-based data set will be used to estimate hedonic price models of individual farmland parcels. The hedonic results focus on how using spatial data and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) can improve the accuracy of farmland valuation models. However, research using actual farmland sales data presents analytical challenges, because each farm parcel is unique, possessing its own set of spatial and morphological features. The issues of spatial dependence and spatial heterogeneity will be further investigated and alternative model specifications need to be tested for improving hedonic models that reflect the actual farmland market value.
其他識別: NSC98-2410-H005-020
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