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標題: 勞動市場調整與邊際產業內貿易:台灣與OECD國家在食品產業之驗證
Labor Market Adjustment and Marginal Intra-Industry Trade: Evidence between Taiwan and Oecd Countries in Food Industry
作者: 張國益
關鍵字: 應用研究;經濟學;調整成本;勞動市場;邊際產業內貿易
本研究將採用1996-2009年間,台灣與OECD國家之食品製造業為研究對象,並以ISIC三碼與HS六碼作為分析基礎,透過動態邊際產業內貿易指數(MIIT指數),檢測台灣是否符合平滑調整假說(SAH)。同時利用MIIT指數進一步研析台灣加入WTO前後,食品製造業調整成本以及邊際產業內貿易的變化。為了達成此研究目的,本研究嘗試建構國別與產業別長期追蹤資料(panel data)來掌握台灣食品製造業邊際產業內貿易的長期趨勢,並驗證是否通過平滑調整假說的檢定。本研究與過去研究不同之處在於針對台灣食品製造業實證檢測是否符合平滑調整假說(SAH)。另外,同時考慮邊際產業內貿易在不同區域的國別特性與產業特性來分析台灣在加入WTO前後的邊際產業內貿易指數與調整成本的差異,進一步研擬未來台灣洽簽自由貿易協定時的政策涵義

The target in this study is focused on the Harmonization for ISIC 3 digit and HS 6 digit data between Taiwan and OECD countries in Food industry from 1996 to 2009. This study tries to test smooth adjustment hypothesis by dynamic marginal intra-industry trade index (MIIT index), and compare the difference before and after Taiwan acceded to WTO. To do so, this study tires to establish long-term panel data from country-specific and industry-specific dimension to know the long trend of MIIT index for Taiwan in food industry and test smooth adjustment hypothesis.Contrasting with previous studies, this is the first study to test SAH for food industry in Taiwan. Furthermore, this study consider both country-specific and industry-specific dimension from different region to analyze the difference before and after Taiwan acceded to WTO. Finally, this study is going to develop policy implication for the choice of preferential partners for Taiwan in the future.
其他識別: NSC100-2410-H005-022
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