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標題: 垂直分工, 產業聚集與生產力
Vertical Disintegration, Agglomeration and Productivity
作者: 張嘉玲
關鍵字: 應用研究;經濟學;產業分工;產業聚集;知識外溢;生產力
本研究計畫的目的是分析產業分工、技術外溢對產業聚集的影響,研究的對象是台灣所有的四分位製造業。為了估計產業分工度與產業聚集本研究將利用民國95年主計處第二類普查細部資料進行計算加總,根據台灣358個鄉、鎮、市、區的地理行政區,並參照過去文獻,計算各個產業於不同行政區之不同的產業之垂直分工度以及不同的地理集中度指標。研究目的簡單如下兩點 (1)產業分工對產業聚集的影響的實證分析,(2)考慮產業分工及知識外溢等因素對產業聚集的影響後,此產業聚集對產業生產力的影響效果是否有更加顯著的影響?。為了達成計畫目的,實證模型將分成三步驟:步驟一,計算產業分工與產業聚集度; 步驟二,衡量產業分工產業聚集的影響; 步驟三,利用加上產業分工及知識外溢效果等因素考量後的產業聚集度來檢驗產業聚集對產業生產力的效果。

The objective of this project is to evaluate the impact of vertical disintegration and industrial agglomeration on productivity, focusing primarily on Taiwan's manufacturing industries. To conduct this project, DGBAS data, provided by the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS) will be used. If the required data is made available for us, the analysis will be conducted in three steps.First, we will, base on 358 (including Siang, Jhen, City, District), measure its industry vertical disintegration for each 4-digit industry, as well as its industrial agglomeration. We will also use four different formulas of geographic concentration rate (also based on the existing economic literature) to capture industrial agglomeration and its variations.Second, in order to complete the project, we will identify how does vertical disintegration influence industrial agglomeration and predict an industrial agglomeration value from the model for each geographic area and for each 4-digit industry.At the final step, we will use this predicted industrial agglomeration value as an agglomeration proxy to examine how industrial agglomeration influence productivity in Taiwan.
其他識別: NSC100-2410-H005-017
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