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標題: 德國在《Agenda21》之規範下所訂定之永續農業重要措施
Germany's Measures for Sustainable Agriculture under Agenda 21
作者: 鄭蕙燕
關鍵字: 農業經濟類;應用研究
計畫目標: 聯合國在1992年環境與發展會議所訂定的《Agenda 21》中之第十四章是以促進永續農業與鄉村發展為主題.我國雖非會員國, 但永續農業是我國非常重要的政策目標, 在《Agenda 21》所訂定原則下, 他國所制訂的永續農業行動計畫與實施方法極具參考價值.由於德國是會員國之一, 該國是否針對《Agenda 21》在其國內訂定有全盤的永續農業行動方案與計畫? 其內容與配合措施如何? 均值得我國借鏡.因此, 本計畫擬研究德國在《Agenda 21》之永續農業原則下所訂定的重要措施, 加以深入探討其內容與政策, 再由德國的經驗建議我國之因應政策.架構( 重要工作項目 ): 1.蒐集德國永續農業之相關文獻與資料.2.彙整德國永續農業相關措施.3.分析德國之執行手段與情形及其影響.4.撰寫研究報告.預期效益: 深入探討德國在《Agenda 21》之永續農業原則下所訂定的重要措施內容與政策, 結果將可幫助我國預期未來面臨農業永續發展的可能問題, 進而引申可能之因應措施, 將能提供我國擬定相關措施之參考.

In 1992, the strategy for the promotion and implementation of sustainable agriculture and rural development ( SARD )was set out in Chapter 14of Agenda 21, signed by 178governments.This represented a very significant step forward in collective thinking on the future of agriculture and rural development.Germany was one of the signatory.What Germany has been implementing SARD can be a very good example for Taiwan to set forward for future strategies on sustainable agriculture.This research is to study Germany's measures and action plans for sustainable agriculture under Agenda 21.This research will be implemented by the followings: ( 1 )collect relevant references and data on Germany's measures and action plans for sustainable agriculture, ( 2 )summarize the measures and action plans, ( 3 )analyze the implementation schemes and draw some possible policy implication for Taiwan, and ( 4 )write the final report.The results of this research are anticipated to be useful to the design of future strategies and action plans for Taiwan's policy on sustainable agriculture.
其他識別: 90農科-1.9.1-合-I3(5)
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