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標題: 農宅政策之研究
A Study of the Policy for Farm Houses
作者: 劉健哲
關鍵字: 農業推廣類;應用研究
計畫目標: 由於過去政府沒有一套嚴謹的農宅政策, 導致目前農村住宅的亂象叢生與農村不協調的建築、違規建築此起彼落, 不但破壞了台灣農村的優美景緻, 更導致農業生產上的障礙, 因此農宅政策如何結合農村規劃促使農村發展, 正是我們急需去面對與解決之處.本研究擬將解決的農宅問題如下: 1、 探討過去政府對於農宅政策施行之成效, 分析過去政府解決農宅問題之對策, 對整體農村之發展之影響? 2、 探討農宅的功能以及過去與現在的變遷, 並針對未來新世紀農業, 如何規範農宅之發展? 3、 探討農宅政策與農村發展之間的相關, 農宅配合農村發展建設, 相輔相成? 4、 探討農業發展條例通過後對農宅建設之可能影響及衝擊.進而應用農村發展規劃理論, 希冀建立一套可行模式供政府決策當局參考.架構( 重要工作項目 ): 1、 收集與整理農村規劃發展及農宅之法規及資料文獻.2、 分析相關問題之本質及謀求解決方案.預期效益: 1、 建立農宅政策結合農村發展規劃的流程圖.2、 推動組織及指導體系圖.3、 相關政策法規體系之建立及配合調整, 使推行工作有充分之法源基礎為依據.

Since the government didn't have a conscientious policy of farm houses, the buildings in the rural areas become very shabby, scattered with low quality, and reflected badly on the whole look of rural areas.How to collaborate the policy of farm houses with the rural planning to facilitate the rural development is the important and urgent research topic.The purpose of this study is tried to solve the following problems of the rural buildings: 1.To probe into the result and effects of the policy for farm houses in past.2.The functions of farm houses and its change paths will be illustrated and investigated.How to regulate the development in farm houses according to the agricultural development in the new century will be studied.3.To consider the policy relationship between the farm houses and rural development, the development of rural building have to be collaborated with the rural development.4.The theory of rural development planning is applied into the farm houses in order to create a practicable model.All possible policies will be simulated in this model and the results will be references for the government.
其他識別: 90農科-1.7.3-輔-#1(1)
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