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標題: 問題農會信用部整頓模式選擇之研究
The Study on the Consolidate Methods for Problem Credit Departments of Farmers' Associations
作者: 羅明哲
關鍵字: 農業經濟類;應用研究
本子計畫主要研究目的在探討整頓問題農會信用部之可能模式, 分析中外處理問題金融機構之作法, 以研擬問題農會信用部可行之整頓模式, 並說明其可能之困難與效益, 以供政府整頓問題農會信用部之參考.

This subproject focuses on the possible consolidating methods for problem Credit Departments of Farmers'Associations in Taiwan.The analysis on the methods and practices to problem financial institutions in Taiwan and other countries may provide better knowledge to the practical approaches dealing with problem Credit Departments of Farmers'Associations in Taiwan.This study includes the possible difficulties and benefits of each consolidation method which will provide important information for government to handle Taiwan's Credit Departments of Farmers'Associations in trouble.
其他識別: 90農科-1.7.5-輔-#1(2)
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