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標題: 後Grokster時代網路著作權保護之發展趨勢
Online Copyright Protection in Post-Grokster Era
作者: 林昱梅
關鍵字: 經濟學;基礎研究;copyright;著作權;間接責任;引誘侵權;點對點檔案分享;Grokster;indirect liability;secondary liability;inducement of copyright infringement;P2P (peer to peer) file sharing
2005 年美國聯邦最高法院於Grokster 案判決中建立了間接侵權責任的「引誘法則」。此判決直接影響我國著作權法之修法而新增P2P條款。本專題研究計畫擬分析Grokster 案判決對於網路著作權保護之影響,研究範圍包含我國、美國、德國及法國之立法趨勢及實務判決。茲將本研究計畫之重點羅列如下:- Grokster 判決之引誘法則介紹- Grokter 案判決後美國的立法發展及相關案例介紹- 法國新著作權法之P2P 條款- 德國著作權法第53 條之修正及P2P 案例- 我國著作權法新增之P2P 條款- 各國法制及案例綜合比較分析- Grokster 案判決對於網路著作權保護之影響- 我國網路著作權保護之立法建議- 結論

In 2005, the United States Supreme Court expressed the application ofinducement rule for P2P website'secondary liability in Grokster case. In2007, Article 87 I (7) of Taiwan Copyright Act, the P2P provision, began tocome into force, which relies on the inducement rule of Grokster case. Thisproject aims to analyze the Grokster decision and its impact on thedevelopment of online copyright protection. The Analysis will include thelegislative development in Taiwan, USA, France, and Germany inpost-Grokster era. The relevant cases will be also discussed.The project will focus on the followings:- The Inducement Rule in Grokster Decision- The Legislative Development after Grokster Decision in USA and CaseStudy- The P2P Provision in French Copyright Law- The P2P Decision of Hamburg High Court and Art. 53 GermanyCopyright Act- The P2P Provision of Taiwan Copyright Act- Comparative Analysis- The Impact of Grokster Decision on the Development of OnlineCopyright Protection- Legislative Suggestion for Online Copyright Protection in Taiwan- Conclusion
其他識別: NSC97-2410-H005-024
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