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標題: 行政法上之預防原則與動物及肉品之可追溯性-動物傳染性海綿狀腦病之風險管理措施
The Precautionary Principle in Administrative Law and Traceability of Animal and Meat- Measures for TSE Risk Management
作者: 林昱梅
關鍵字: 法律學;基礎研究;Precautionary Principle;預防原則;動物傳染性海綿狀腦病;狂牛症;可追溯性;動物識別;國家動物識別系統;產銷履歷農產品標章;TSE;BSE;Traceability;animalidentification;NAIS;TAP
科學文獻指出,發生在人類的「變異型庫賈氏症」(vCJD)與狂牛症(BSE)的病原有關。狂牛症屬動物傳染性海綿狀腦病(TSE),會破壞神經系統,是一種致命的疾病。本計畫擬以預防原則為基礎,以預防TSE 所產生的對人類及動物的風險為目的,探討動物及肉品之可追溯性相關識別及標示制度。首先說明TSE 之病原及傳染途徑,介紹行政法上之預防原則及可追溯性之要求,接著從法制面分析並比較歐盟、美國及我國之動物及肉品之可追溯性制度,最後為我國如何作好TSE 之風險管理,提出對策。論述之焦點集中在動物及肉品之可追溯性問題。本計畫綱要如下:(1)緒論(2)TSE 及其對人類之健康風險A. TSE 之特徵B. TSE 之傳染(3)預防原則及建立動物可追溯系統作為風險管理措施之必要性A. 預防原則B. 動物之可追溯性作為風險管理措施之必要性(4)歐盟動物及肉品之可追溯性A.從農場到餐桌原則B.食品之可追溯性C. 歐盟動物及肉品可追溯性之法制(5)美國動物及肉品之可追溯性A. 可追溯性之概念B. 動物及肉品可追溯性之計畫C. 國家動物識別系統(6)我國動物及肉品之可追溯性A. 自願性之食品可追溯性制度B. 產銷履歷農產品證明標章C. 農產品產銷履歷驗證制度對於風險預防的有效性(7)比較與分析(8)結論與建議

Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) is a transmissibledisease which may destroy the nervous system of animals. The scientific reportindicates that TSE may have the same cause to Variant Creutzfeldt-JakobDisease (vCJD). Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) is a type of TSE.BSE is fatal and may cause the Infection of vCJD.This Project plans to discuss the traceability of animal and meat to preventthe risk of TSE in light of the precautionary principle in administrative law. TheProject first describes the characteristics and transmission of TSE and discussesthe topics of precautionary principle and food traceability. Second, this projectwill analyze and compare the traceability systems of animal and meat inTaiwan, USA and EU. Finally, this project will propose strategies for the TSErisk management and focus on the problems of animal and meat traceability.The outlines of this project are as below:(1)Introduction(2)The Risk of TSEA. The Characteristics of TSEB. The Transmission of TSE(3)The Precautionary Principle and Animal and Meat Traceability as theNecessary Measure for Risk ManagementA. The Precautionary PrincipleB. Animal and Meat Traceability as Necessary Risk ManagementMeasure(4)Animal and Meat Traceability in EUA. From Farm to TableB. Food TraceabilityC. Regulations for Animal and Meat Traceability(5)Animal and Meat Traceability in the USAA. TraceabilityB. Programs and StrategiesC. National Animal Identification System(6)Animal and Meat Traceability in TaiwanA. Voluntary Food TraceabilityB. Traceable Agriculture ProductC. Effectiveness of the Measures(7)Comparison and Analysis(8)Conclusion
其他識別: NSC99-2410-H005-037
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