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標題: 找出美感生活產業的想像力基因(II)-卓越設計與藝術創作產業的想像力內涵、作用機制分析及能力培育(II)(總計畫)
Exploitation on Imagination Gene of the Beautiful Life Industries: the Integration Type Plan of the Imagination Function, Content, Ability Growth.
作者: 王精文
關鍵字: 商品化;科學教育
Exploitation on imagination gene of the beautiful life industries: the integration of imagination mechanism, content, and skill development.The goal of this integrated project is to seek the imagination mechanism and the definition of life aesthetics regarding innovative activities in everyday life. Furthermore, the objective of the everyday life innovative activities is to incorporate demands for knowledge, morals, and aesthetics into the basic human function to satisfy human beings' higher psychological needs. The overall research plans to interview inventors, designers and entrepreneurs in various recreational fields. Specifically, we aim to 1) interview college students who have won the iF Concept Award, Roddot Award, or IDEA Design Award, and 2) interview elementary school children regarding their imagination content and mechanisms. This project hopes to seek imagination mechanisms through interview methodology. The literatures have suggested that the imagination ability is better to be evaluated by concept combination. Therefore, this study seeks to understand imagination content and mechanisms through concept combination. The goal is to compare the imagination mechanisms among different populations and conduct a concept measurement that incorporates imagination scales. Moreover, consistent with the implications of past research that creativity can be trained, this study aims to understand how to improve citizens' imagination through the theory of concept combination, individual interviews, case studies on education, and imagination scale application.

找出美感生活產業的想像力基因-卓越設計與藝術創作產業的想像力內涵、作用機制分析及能力培育之整合型計畫本整合型計劃的目的在於透過生活美學實踐者尋找想像力的機制,生活美學內涵的定義:牽涉到讓日常生活中的食、衣、住、行、育、樂等項目的創新活動,且這些創新的目的是在上述食、衣、住、行、育、樂等項目的基本功能需求外再加入求知(真)、求善、求美的訴求,以滿足人的高層次精神需求。總計劃訪問發明者、設計師及食、衣、住、行、育、樂等領域創業家,子計劃一訪問得過iF concept award、Roddot award或IDEA設計獎的大學生,子計劃二以參與科展學童與弱勢學童為研究對象。本整合型計劃主要透過訪談方式找出想像力機制,由文獻可知概念結合方式較得以衡量想像的能力,因此本研究以概念結合為主軸,針對不同族群的研究對象分析與建立其想像力的內涵與機制,目的在於比較不同族群想像力機制的差異,並編製概念結合想像力量表作為衡量工具,而過去研究證實創造力可經由訓練成來,本研究認為想像力亦是如此,以概念結合理論、訪談個案、教學案例、想像力量表等發展教學手冊,透過教學手冊的訓練,以達到國民想像力的提升與傳遞效果。
其他識別: NSC100-2511-S005-001-MY2
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