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標題: 人工濕地生態系統功能與經濟效益評估-人工濕地濱水帶昆蟲群聚與生態功能(I)
Study on the Riparian Insect Community and Ecological Function in Artificial Wetlands (I)
作者: 楊正澤
關鍵字: 生物科學類;應用研究;Wetlands riparian zone;濕地濱水帶;昆蟲群聚;生態功能群;生態過程;指標生物群;insect community;ecological function;process;indicator group
本計畫配合團隊計畫之人工濕地監測擬利用各種昆蟲調查方法,依循生態系長期生物多樣性普查及監測之標準作業程序,以本計畫之目標及資訊需求之項目選定樣區,進行調查,預計由人工濕地濱水帶之昆蟲群聚調查、昆蟲群聚之生態功能群結構分析食物鏈(網)及食物塔,以便了解濱水帶昆蟲與水生生態系之生態過程相關性物種之結構,進而在第二年選出昆蟲指標生物群供人工濕地管理監測之用,本研究並首度嘗試以分子生態學方法,建立捕食者之特定食餌種類及其DNA 資料庫,進而分析食性,以便未來生態過程之連結及利用效率之生態模式分析之應用。

This project is part of the team project on the artificial wetland monitoring.Various methods for insect survey and investigation will be applied according to thestandard operation procedure (SOP) of ecosystem inventory and monitoring. Under theSOP items such as the goal or target of the group project, data requirement etc. and sitesurvey to choice the sampling plots in each artificial wetland for the study. We aretrying to study and construct the food chain (web) and food tower based on theinvestigation insect community and ecological functional groups. The result will turnto understand the insect assemblage of relevant in between riparian zone and aquaticecosystem and the ecological process and their connection and the food web structure.Secondary, the indicator groups of insects will be evaluated by IHC for the monitoringto the artificial wetlands. The project will firstly trying to established the methodologyof molecular ecology to study the insect preys for some predators by theDNA-Barcode library. Further more, through the feeding behavior to study theecological process and the tropic efficiency in the matter cycling is the significant taskto the management of the artificial wetlands.
其他識別: NSC97-2621-M005-006
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