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標題: 小黑蚊生態學與綜合防治技術之研發-台灣鋏蠓雌蟲寄主搜尋與產卵行為之研究
The Host Seeking and Oviposition Behavior of Female Forcipomyia taiwana
作者: 杜武俊
關鍵字: 生物科學類, 公共衛生學;應用研究

This project aims to study the host seeking behavior, blood-feeding behavior and oviposition behavior of female biting midge Forcipomyia taiwana. Blood-feeding and oviposition are the key factors for successful breeding of the biting insects. Studies on host spectrum, circadian rhythm of biting behavior, host preference, host seeking patterns and host searching range and other related environmental factors will be conducted in order to develop effective control measures. Better understanding on the daily rhythm, site preference, dispersion of eggs during oviposition will facilitate the construction of management strategies and can provide useful information for developing trapping apparatus to impede the propagation of biting midges.
其他識別: NSC97-2321-B005-009-MY3
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