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標題: 植物檢疫處理技術開發-不同藥劑減壓燻蒸處理之應用
Application of Fumigants Using in Reducing Atmospheric Pressure Fumigation Treatment on Quarantine Plants
作者: 劉玉章
關鍵字: 植物保護類;應用研究;Quarantine;檢疫;燻蒸劑;減壓燻蒸處理;Fumigant;Reducing Atmospheric Pressure Fumigation Treatment

The project aims at developing efficient fumigation technique for quarantine plant by reducing atmospheric pressure. Different fumigants will be used for killing melon fly and oriental fruit fly. The test will be conduct in different pressure. This experiment will determine the pressure, fumigation period, and fumigants concentrate that can effectively kill the pests by using the Reducing Atmospheric Pressure Fumigation treatment.
其他識別: 89科技-6.2-檢-79
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