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標題: 低溫減壓花卉燻蒸處理技術之開發
Development on the Fumigation Treatment of Cut Flowers with Low Temperature and Hypobaric Techniques
作者: 杜武俊
關鍵字: 植物保護類;技術發展
大宗外銷切花包括菊花、唐菖蒲等栽培生產以露天花田及使用簡易設施為主, 花卉在此生產環境下導致病蟲害防治上無法滿足品質要求, 由於進口國海關檢疫單位檢出蟲體率甚高, 以致切花產品被判得燻蒸才能通關, 燻蒸後花卉品質下降, 價格滑落, 而影響產品之利潤.動植物防疫檢疫局台中分局已研發低溫減壓燻蒸處理系統, 使用溴化甲烷及磷化氫燻蒸處理確能殺死病蟲.為配合國內花卉外銷之需要, 目前已興建花卉燻蒸處理場, 急需配合實務運轉.本計畫依據以往燻蒸試驗相關試驗成果, 擬實際操作建立適當燻蒸處理條件, 及花卉配合產品採收後預措處理及保鮮處理條件, 然後進行實務操作評估, 建立作業流程, 確保燻蒸後花卉品質.探討燻蒸藥劑劑量及環境因子控制條件, 及花卉預措處理及保鮮處理條件之建立.

Most export cut flowers such as Chrysanthemum, gladiolus and so on are mainly cultivated in the fields or simple facilities.Under the rough situation, flowers are easily infected and hard to meet the quality requirement even under the pest control.Since pests are intercepted by import countries frequently, export flowers are usually required to fumigate prior to import.However, the quality of cut flower becomes lower after fumigation and the market price declines too.Taichung Branch Office of Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine has developed a low-temperature and low-pressure fumigation system by using methyl bromide and PH3to kill pests efficiently.A facility for running this system was established to promote flower exportation.The standard operating procedure of the facility needs to be set for practical use as soon as possible.The purpose of this project is to find out the optimum fumigation requirements for practical operation with pulse treatment and preservation handling of flowers.Then, the results, including the quality of flowers after fumigation, will be evaluated to establish a standard operating procedure.This project will also pay attention to the study on the fumigants concentrate, environmental factors, as well as flower pulse treatment and preservation conditions.
其他識別: 90農科-6.3.2-檢-B3
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