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標題: Screening and Developing Effective Fumigation Techniques for Quarantine Pests on Cut Flower
作者: 杜武俊
關鍵字: 應用研究;植物保護類
本研究的主要目的乃針對進出口切花上所可能夾帶的害蟲, 進行有效殺蟲藥劑及其燻蒸劑型之篩選; 並以切花本身以及其包裝特性等進行施行技術之測試與改進, 以尋求開發出有效、迅速、不影響花卉品質、及操作簡便與安全之燻蒸殺蟲技術.本年度試驗將進行之內容包括: 選取以除蟲菊為藥劑主成分, 並以氣煙或水煙劑型為主之燻蒸藥劑3-5種, 針對切花可能夾帶有之標的害蟲, 選取鱗翅目兩種蛾類幼蟲; 同翅目2-4種蚜蟲類、纓翅目兩種薊馬及兩種蟎 類進行藥效試驗與評估.同時以篩選出的有效燻蒸藥劑, 針對散裝切花及紙盒包裝切花上所夾帶之害蟲進行該藥劑燻蒸技術之研發與改進.此試驗結果可提供花卉外銷業者在切花階段進行有效除蟲技術; 亦可提供檢疫單位在切花進口時, 有效處理夾帶在花卉上之害蟲, 以嚴格把關杜絕外來害蟲之入侵.

The purpose of this project is to develop rapid and efficient fumigation techniques to eliminate the possible insect pests on cut flowers.Three to five synthetic pyrethroids of various formulations will be tested against different insects including two lepidopterous larvae, two to four aphids, two thrips and two mites.Effective fumigants selected from the above experiment will then be used to compare their control effect on cut flower packed with or without box.The developed techniques will be useful for cut flower exportation and serve as the quarantine treatment of imported cut flower, which can eradicate the invasion of insect pests.
其他識別: 90農科-6.3.2-檢-B4
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