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標題: 南投地區臭氧污染特性之探討
A Study For The Characteristic Of Ozone Pollution In Nantou Area
作者: 蕭輔漢
關鍵字: Ozone;臭氧;Cluster Analysis;Data Mining;ANOVA;群集分析;資料採礦;變異數分析
出版社: 環境工程學系所
引用: 白玨玲,「中部地區臭氧濃度特徵與天氣型態相關探討」,碩士論文,東海大 學環境科學系(1998). 陳順宇,「多變量分析,四版」,華泰文化(2005). 蔡匡忠、張一岑、張太平,「SPSS統計建模與分析程序」文魁資訊(2007). 蔡詠安,「氣象條件與臭氧事件日相關性之探討:以高高屏地區為例」,碩士論文,國立中山大學環境工程研究所(2001). 倪國敦,「高高屏地區臭氧趨勢分析與氣象因子相關性探討」,碩士論 文,國立中山大學環境工程研究所(2004). 潘慧芳,「中部空氣品質區空氣品質之時空分佈特性分析」,碩士論 文,國立中興大學環境工程學系(2004). 林翊逵,「回顧近七年來南投地區臭氧變化」,碩士論文,國立中興大學環境工程學系(2004). 南投縣環保局,95年度南投縣臭氧成因解析及空品改善規劃(期中報告). 行政院環保署網頁, Bronnimann, S., U.Neu, 1997, “Weekend-weekday Differences of Near-surface Ozone Concentrations in Switzerland for Different Meteorological Conditions”, Atmospheric Environment. E.Gramsch, F.Cereceda-Balic, P.Oyola, D.von Baer.“Examination of pollution trends in Santiago de Chile with cluster analysis of PM10 and Ozone data”, Atmospheric Environment Vol.40 , pp.5464-5475(2006). H.Oliver Gao,“Day of week effects on diurnal ozone/NOx cycles and transportation emission in Southern Califoria”,Transportation Research Part D12,pp292-305(2007). Henry, R.C. and Hidy G.M.,“Multivariate Analysis of Particulate Sulfate and Other Air Quality Variables by Principal Components-part II Salt Lake City, Utah and ST. Louis, Missouri”, Atmospheric Environment Vol.16 , pp.929-943(1982). John H. Seinfeld ,Spyros N. Pandis,“Atmospheric chemistry and physics”, pp.173-233(1996). J.C.M. Pires , S.I.V. Sousa , M.C. Pereira , M.C.M Alvim-Ferraz , F.G. Martins , “Management of air quality monitoring using principal component and cluster analysis-Part 1:SO2 and PM10”, Atmospheric Environment Vol.42, pp1249-1260(2008). J.C.M. Pires , S.I.V. Sousa , M.C. Pereira , M.C.M Alvim-Ferraz , F.G. Martins , “Management of air quality monitoring using principal component and cluster analysis-Part 2:SO2 and PM10”, Atmospheric Environment Vol.42 , pp1261-1274(2008). J.Flemming , R.Stern , R.J. Yamartino,“A new quality regime classification scheme for O3, NO2, SO2 and PM10 observations sites”, Atmospheric Environment Vol.39 , pp6121-6129(2005). JI PING SHI and ROY M.HARRISON ,“REGRESSION MODELLING OF HOURLY NOx AND NO2 CONCENTRATION IN URBAN AIR IN LONDON”, Atmospheric Environment Vol.31, No.24 , pp4081-4094(1997). Kouji Adachi , “Characterization of atmospheric dry deposition particulates in Kobe , Japan”, Chemosphere 64 pp.1311-1317(2006). Krupa S. V., 2000, “Ultraviolet-B radiation, ozone and plant biology ” .Environmental pollution. 110:193-194. Scott Beaver , Ahmet Palazoglu ,“A cluster aggregation scheme for ozone episode selection in the San Francisco , CA Bay Area”, Atmospheric Environment Vol.40 , pp-713-725(2006). “Applying Data Mining Techniques Using SAS Enterprise MinerTM Course Notes .”(2003 by SAS Institute Inc.,Cary,NC27513,USA.). Shuenn-Chin Chang , Chang-Te Lee ,“Ozone variations through vehicle emissions reductions based on air quality monitoring data in Taipei City, Taiwan , from 1994 to 2003”, Atmospheric Environment Vol.40 , pp-3513-3526 (2006). Tai-Yi Yu, Len-Fu W. Chang,“Selection of the scenarios of ozone pollution at southern Taiwan area utilizing principal component analysis”, Atmospheric Environment vol.34 pp.4499-4509(2001). Tai-Yi Yu, Len-Fu W. Chang,“Delineation of air-quality basins utilizing multivariate statistical methods in Taiwan”, Atmospheric Environment vol.35 pp.3155-3166(2001). Yu-Chi Lin , Man-Ting Cheng , Wei-Yu Ting , Chiun-Rong Yeh,“Characteristics of gaseous HNO2,HNO3,NH3 and particulate ammonium nitrate in an urban city of Central Taiwan”, Atmospheric Environment Vol.40 , pp-4725-4733(2006).

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