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標題: 台灣地區梨樹疑似衰弱病之潛在病原與傳病木蝨之研究
The Study of Potential Pathogen and Vector Psyllids Casued Pear Decline-Like Disease
作者: 楊曼妙
關鍵字: 植物保護類;應用研究
梨樹衰弱病在歐洲與北美是梨園的主要病害之一, 造成果園的嚴重損失.本省於民國八十三年首次在東勢地區發現疑似梨衰弱病之病害, 疫區約17公頃, 次年即擴展至110公頃, 來勢洶洶.經過有關單位施行砍伐病株、注射四環黴素等緊急措施後, 目前已大抵控制, 無蔓延跡象, 然而此病之相關資訊迄今卻是未明, 仍存有多項重要疑點, 對於有效的疾病控制與再猖獗之防治極為不利.首先, 根據國外的研究報告顯示, 此病是由梨黃木蝨( Cacopsylla pyricola )傳播菌質體所引起, 而本省迄今並未發現有該種木蝨之存在, 僅有中國大陸發表的黔梨木蝨( Psylla qianli )之報導, 只是目前仍無任何報導顯示黔梨木蝨會傳病; 其次, 此病的病徵與標準的梨衰弱病有部分差異, 是否與歐美地區者相同仍未確認; 再者, 經過仔細的組織切片及分子生物檢測等方法, 均未發現可疑的病原.可見, 此病之病因終究為何, 須從新的層面來思考.本研究擬針對媒介昆蟲與病原兩方面同時進行探討, 一方面針對本省梨園及野生梨屬植物分布的木蝨及其他相關昆蟲進行調查, 建立基本生物學資料, 瞭解可能傳病的潛在媒介昆蟲; 另一方面探討其他病因, 以分子生物學技術研究由植物病毒所引起之可能性, 進一步提供相關防治之參考, 並期望未來能提供快速鑑定之發展參考.

Pear decline ( PD )disease, which is a phytoplasma disease transmitted by pear psylla Cacopsylla pyricola, caused severe economic losses in Europe and North American in the past.In 1994, the pear decline-like disease was found in Tungshi, Taichung County and 17acres of Pear orchard was infected.A year later it was expanded to 110acres.Emergency control was conducted and no further expansion was observed till now.While studies of the disease using different approaches have been done, the pathogen and vectors remained unclear.First of all, the vector psyllid species was never found in Taiwan.Another Mainland China species belong to the same genus, Psylla qianli, was reported from the area but no record of disease transmission.Second, the characteristics of the local disease is somewhat differed from typical PD.Then, examination by electronic microscopy and PCR techniques found no suspected pathogen.In this project, we attempt to investigate the problem from both sides of vector and pathogens.A survey of psyllid and related insect fauna of pear orchard and wild Pyrus species will be conducted in order to find the potential vector of the pear decline-like disease.On the other hand, molecular techniques will be applied to examine the possible existence of virus as a possible pathogen of the disease.
其他識別: 90農科-6.2.1-檢-B1(3)
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