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標題: 利用溫氏捕植蟎防治草莓葉蟎之綜合防治
Pest Management of Strawberry Spider Mites,Tetranychus urticae with Amblyseius womersleyi
作者: 施劍鎣
關鍵字: 植物保護類;應用研究
本計劃預定在大湖地區草莓園, 進行利用溫氏捕植蟎 防治草莓葉蟎 之綜合防治研究.於中興大學大量飼育溫氏捕植蟎 以作為生物防治草莓葉蟎 之天敵, 在大湖地區草莓園進行生物防治及藥劑防治葉蟎 之研究及評估釋放溫氏捕植蟎 ( Amblyseius womersleyi )對草莓二點葉蟎 之防治效果.進行捕植蟎 天敵釋放量、釋放時機、族群密度變動模式及效益評估之研究.經由天敵釋放之成本與草莓收益之關係, 從而決定合適的防治技術, 並與目前之耕作模式配合, 以落實捕植蟎 之利用技術及減少藥劑之使用, 使鮮食的草莓更為安全.本年度重要工作項目包括: 1.大量飼育溫氏捕植蟎 , 供田間釋放.2.評估草莓園內之葉蟎 及捕植蟎 天敵之族群密度.3.評估天敵釋放區與其他防治技術區( 藥劑防治區 )之防治效果及防治期之長短.4.提供不同防治技術之防治適期評估, 綜合防治或利用捕植蟎 生物防治之效益評估.本研究以族群模式評估大量飼育捕植蟎 類天敵之收穫適期及飼育成本, 釋放捕植蟎 之適期與釋放量對防治葉蟎 效果之評估, 並與化學防治法比較, 期能減少藥劑之使用, 以安全的生物防治, 生產有機、安全與高品質的農產品.捕植蟎 釋放效果評估模式等研究, 對大量飼育捕植蟎 類天敵與其釋放效果, 進行數量化之探討, 其結果將有助大量飼育及田間保育及放大捕植蟎 之實際利用, 進而提供今後生物防治草莓害蟲害蟎 之技術開發與落實非農藥防治技術之利用, 提高農友經濟收益及我國加入WTO以後之農產品競爭力.

Integrating biological and chemical control of strawberry spider mites, Tetranychus urticae, with Amblyseius womersleyi will be studied in Ta-hu country.The evaluations of release numbers and timing of control efforts of the predators are based on a population dynamic model.From the results of reducing the chemical application on the strawberry mite control and analysis of the cost and benefit of releases, we will determine the fitness of the biological control tactics in incorporating with cultural practices.The major contents of this year studies compress: 1.mass rearing the predatory mites for field releases, 2.monitoring population densities of spider mite and predatory mite on the strawberry plants, 3.comparing the effectiveness of the controls between biological and chemical controls, 4.establishment a spider-mite-population model for the population prediction and monitoring.The results will create a chance to supply a technique and a model to evaluate the effectiveness of a control with release number and timing as well as the economical feasibility.Through the numerical analysis and a model construction of the prey-predator interaction and an economical feasibility study, we will be able to supply a feasible program for the farmers of using the biological agents, reducing the chemical usages and increasing the benefit returns.With pesticide free products will increase the degree of competition of the agricultural commodity of Taiwan in international market.
其他識別: 90農科-6.2.3-檢-B1(7)
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